Saturday , June 19 2021

Stocks of natural gas in Ukraine fell to 37%

Stocks of natural gas in Ukraine fell to 37%

Full SGP in Ukraine continues to decline

During the day, seven million cubic meters of gas came to Ukraine from Europe and more than 94 million cubic meters were picked from the warehouse.

The volume of gas in underground storage in Ukraine as of January 24 is reduced to 11.731 billion cubic meters. This is confirmed by Wartransgaz's operational data on Saturday, January 26th.

According to the latest data, the gas is not pumped for a day in Ukraine's UGS.

During the day, however, 94.17 million cubic meters of Ukraine's UGS were taken. m gas.

At the same time data for January 24 show that Ukraine receives from Slovakia per day – 3.41 million cubic meters. m, from Hungary – 2.19 million cubic meters. m, from Poland – 1.44 million cubic meters. m gas.

So the Ukrainian UGS is now filled with 37%.

Recall, in Naftogaz reported that currently storage of gas in storage are lower than a year ago, and consumed faster.

As it is known, on the eve of the heating season in the UGS is pumped a record 17.1 billion Cub. M gas.

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