Wednesday , June 16 2021

Suprun scattered myth about the benefits of an alkaline diet

Head of the Department of Health, Uliana Suprun, said that using litmus paper is impossible to measure your body's acidity level, it would be even more wrong to choose your diet based on the outcome of such a quick test. She writes about it on her Facebook page.

This is a popular diet that provides the rejection of products that "acidify" our body. It appears that such products cause a pH (pH) reduction, which leads to a detrimental acidic environment for us. This, according to the adherents of the theory of acidification, contributes to weight gain, damages bones and negatively affects the performance of the gastrointestinal tract. However, the benefits of an alkaline diet for the body are greatly exaggerated, says Suprun.

"The diet involves reducing the use of" pickled "products – meat, eggs, wheat and other cereals, sugar, dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, ie those that reduce the body's acidity level by measuring the pH urine, and if elevated, they blame the products mentioned above and advise them to give up. "However, there is no single indicator of body acidity," said Suprun.

According to Suprun even chronic diseases do not affect the acidity of the blood. The environment in the stomach will always be acidic and in the duodenum – alkaline. It does not depend on certain products. Some supporters of this diet find it effective in preventing cancer. But this is not so. "Tumor growth is determined by various factors: carcinogens, genetic predisposition, radioactive radiation, immunodeficiency, hormonal disorders, diet – but not acidity," says the expert.

As reported by the Party, Uliana Suprun reminded the Ukrainians that eating eggs is more important than hen eggs.

It also informs Ukrainians about the benefits of carbohydrates and sweets after sports activities.

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