Sunday , July 25 2021

Tesla's cars have become even longer

Tesla has radically updated its leading models: the S liftback model and the X crossover model.

KAs stated in the official report, both electric vehicles have received the latest generation of powertrains operating at more than 93% efficiency – permanent magnet synchronous motors, bearings and gearboxes as well as lubrication and cooling systems have been improved. Increased power and improved acceleration time.

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Thanks to the modernization of autonomous stroke, the Long Range with one battery charge increases by 10% – up to 596 km for Model S and 523 km for Model X. kW to V2 Superchargers – this should accelerate the charging process by 50%.

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In addition, brand flags have become more comfortable – the company's adaptive air suspension has received new wheel bearings and, thanks to the optimization of the working algorithm, is more "assembled" during dynamic driving.

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The upgraded lift will cost 78,000 dollars, the crossover is 5,000 more expensive. As a gift to the owners of Model S and Model X, Tesla will include the free sports option "Ludrickus Mode" when it buys a new model performed by Performance. The rest of the activation will cost $ 20,000.

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