Thursday , July 18 2019
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The Android operating system has received built-in anti-virus software

Recently, experts have rated apps that are desirably removed from a smartphone because they do not carry any good, they simply take a seat, and even damage even in places. Among these were the antiviruses mentioned. However, Google has taken Android protection against viruses by integrating its Play Protect (Play Play) security package into all smartphones with a Play Market store installed, reports today.

Google Play Protect scans up to 50 billion apps daily, trying to identify and remove malware that is still found in the official digital store. Such dangerous apps are masked as games or popular programs.

Also, if Play Protect was previously scanning Play Market only, then after reviewing in May, it checks for smartphone applications, just activate it (this option is enabled by default).

To check the status of Play Protect, go to Play Market, then "Settings" -> "Play Protection". Once the option opens, a list of verified apps will appear and additional Android scanning options will be available on request.

Also, the built-in anti-virus automatically checks all programs installed on the smartphone. For example, during the Play Market installation under the progress bar, you can see the "Checked Play Protect" label – meaning the app is safe.

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