Monday , January 18 2021

The attacker who wanted Dynamo was shocked by a PSG star foul – "he could finish his career," and VAR failed

Striker Rana Mbai Niang has angered France foul against the 22-year-old German defender and Paris Saint-Germain Tillo Keer.

The black period for Toma Tahleia in Paris. PSG loses Neamar, who will not even let a miracle play against Manchester United in the Champions League, injured is Marco Verratti (the Italian is not so serious but risks missing a 1/8 final). And then there is a terrible new foul against an important contractor. Keer, who came from Schalke for 37m euros in the summer and set himself first in the center and then on the right wing of the defense (an interesting fact – the Germans brought up to 4 penalties from the 10th team of the Parisians for the season 2018 / 19) a victim of Nyanga's brutal craziness that Dynamo Kiev could sign six months ago.

The Senegalese striker with the right hand flies into the ankle of a player who formed the German national team. Tillo barely came alive from this story, and the referee only printed Mbaie with a yellow card. Why Striker Renna went so easily, nobody understood. Especially because in the French League 1 already entered VAR. Video Assistant Judge suggested that this episode be reviewed again with the help of reps. And what do you think? The Arbitrator did not change his mind! "Expanding the price of VAR, if such incompetent judges decide," fans in the network are outraged.

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The PSG mentor also does not contain anger. During the match with Rennes he even cursed, advising the arbitrators to "shit in their homes." Then Thomas continued his tirade after the game: "If this is a punishment, it's not a punishment, if it's a red card, it's not red, it's not okay to look at Lary, why should it?" "That's just funny."

PSG defender Presnel Kimpembe is shocked that referee Karim Abed has not changed his mind and even calls for his punishment: "We all know that such a struggle may have completed Kerer's career, a match for a lesser crime but acknowledged his mistake I do not want to say anything bad, but I think judges should also be punished for mistakes as players punish us. "

Career remarkably kept his legs intact and even finished the game to the end. After the match, the judge acknowledged his mistake: "I made a mistake twice, first, when I wrote a warning, and then when I was watching video repeats, I had not enough clarity and self-control.

Nian apologized and justified his actions by not having the time to calculate the time and to play more correctly: "I did not want to hurt you, it's good that nothing happened to you." I still want to apologize to Keer and PSG. "

The team has a huge gap in the French Championship (13 points, plus 2 games), but expects to battle against Manchester United in the Champions League. Field-to-field positions and attack require an increase in recent events, and here and on those stars that are still healthy, they organize real hunting.

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"I need a transfer, we only have a few days left, but Paredes is not here yet, but I had to arrive, I waited for a few days, I checked every day if he had come, I looked in the showers, in the dressing room and in the massage table – I also hope to sign another midfielder, but we have to start at least one, "- the German coach did not hide the irony of his trademark.

"Something like that happened in the summer, and now it's even more serious because of the injuries of Verrati and Neimar, we do not have enough players in the midfield, and I'm worried that we are not capable of a miracle.This club has its own tasks.To fulfill them, we need beginners, "- obviously, Tuchel hints at the situation with Rabio, who was duplicated because of unwillingness to sign a new contract with PSG It is true that after De Jong's transfer to Barcelona, ​​Adrien is unlikely to be in Catalonia. the coach hopes that the conflict between the leadership and the player will be withdrawn minds.

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