Saturday , June 19 2021

The biographer revealed the secret of luck Megan Mark

A biographer said Megan Mark had become a duchess thanks to a lottery.

This is what the Daily Mail writes.

The Royal Biographer and author of the book "Megan: Hollywood Princess," Andrew Morton, told how the Sasses child helped his father Thomas Mark win $ 750,000 in the lottery.

It is reported that the girl just asked her father in a lottery ticket for some numbers to record her date of birth, namely August 4, 1981. The man obeyed his youngest daughter and chose these figures, and later gained a great victory. Morton also points out that Thomas rewarded Megan and part of that money went to pay for a private school for a girl that allowed her to act and eventually meet Prince Harry, whom she married in May 2018.

On the eve of the royal wedding, the duchess's brother, Casal, said, "If Meg marries Harry, she will win a lot in life, but her father's lottery helped us all."

Remember, the teenager swore dirty to Prince Harry and pregnant Megan Mark and shot the video.

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