Monday , July 26 2021

The blogger has told how his almost new LADA 4×4 starts to "bloom": AvtoMedia: VladTime

The driver had never expected such a turn of events-he found a surprise in the form of traces of rust when he lowered the doors from Niva.

A ProDrive channel blogger decided to repaint Niva's body and brought the car to a repair station where the masters indicated that LADA 4×4 had begun to flourish: rust appeared under their hands. The owner was shocked by this news: he bought the car only 6 months ago by an authorized dealer who only operated ten times and "escaped" only 3,000 miles.

According to the author, the reason lies in AVTOBAZ 's "disrespectful" approach to assembly: The level when produced is immediately painted with fitted doors without first taking care of the anticorrosive treatment of the parts between the door and the body and following the principle will come down. "

The blogger was saddened by the fact that, from Soviet times to the present day, local car owners are waiting for the same thing: after buying, they have to drive to the garage and paint, process, repair and improve it in every respect.

But it is worth such a "Niva", not a little money, but almost 500,000 rubles in the basic configuration.

"It has long been known that VAZ is selling rusty buckets of nuts. "The same rust is fastened under the hinge," the commentators write. – Kindergarten – rusted under the hinges. You will always rot and not rot! "One of the subscribers began to argue.

Mia Gronskaia


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