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The "Bomb of Complexity" reduces Ethereum emissions to 13,000 coins per day

The daily number of Ethereum on Sunday, February 10, reached a historic minimum, reaching 13,000 ETH. This is written by Trustnodes.

The time to retrieve a block in the Ethereum network is more than 20 seconds, with the average daily number of transactions dropping from 580,000 to 380,000 units. Commissions are $ 0.005 per transaction. ETH's price for the past week has risen from $ 100 to $ 120.

The changes that take place in Ethereum's network, the so-called "Ice Age", are related to the planned activation of the rugged Constantinople. It is expected that after its release the daily emission will be set at 13400 ETH, the time for extracting a unit will be 14 seconds, and the reward for it will be reduced from 3 to 2 ETH. Ethereum's inflation rate will be around 4%.

Hardfork will be held on Block No. 7 280,000 conditionally on February 25th.

At the same time with Constantinople, the Ethernet network will activate the Petersburg hardcore. It will be designed to deactivate the EIP-1283 protocol that identified Reentrancy vulnerabilities. Because of them, the improvement was canceled in January.

Remember, initially with the "bomb complexity" activation, the Ethereum network's daily mining block prizes fell from 20,000 to 15,000 ETH.

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