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"The children's title will do everything." Politeka

Megan Mark disgraced Prince Harry in front of the audience, the whole world learned about her outbursts

There was a message on the network about the existence of a videotape, which was secretly made by one of Megan Marchel's aides. Canadian online Talco writes that the video was filmed at the time Megan Mark had a real nervous breakdown due to Kate Middleton's children.

It was hysterical about the fact that the children of Kate Middleton and Prince William George, Charlotte, and Louis received the titles of Princes and Princesses and would be called the "Royal Majesty." As is well known, Prince Harry is sixth in the composition of the throne after his father, his brother and three nephews. While the children of Megan Mark and Prince Harry themselves will be only "Lords" and "Ladies" – according to the existing laws of the monarchy.

Megan Markel

As Talco's journalist Alexis Sylfer says, "Megan Marc, Her Royal Highness, a duchess of Sussex, has shown who she is."

"It's not surprising, because from time to time he comes into the royal family, dramas are happening at every corner," Alexis said. "People think she has fallen because the only reason she gets married to Harry is the same title," says Alexis.

It should be noted that the video of the incident has not yet been published but has already caused heated controversy in the network. According to the English edition of Daily Express, many fans of Megan Markle immediately rushed to her protection, calling him "gossip" and "speculation." They urge to show the famous video if it exists.

The British press has long been told that Megan Mark does not get along with Kate Middleton and Prince William.

"So far, this is not much evidence. The video will change everything, "Daily Express reports.

Megan Markel

Also earlier reported that Megan Mark has become a real stumbling stone in the British royal family, now they want to get rid of her as soon as possible.

E-mails have expired in the British royal family, the Globe newspaper reported. The publication does not call anonymous sources, neither the recipient's name nor the author of the messages, the only thing the magazine says, he or she "is a member of the Queen Elizabeth's inner circle."

The letter is about Megan, the wife of Prince Harry. It compares to "cancer" and calls on members of the royal family to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Recall that the pregnant Megan Mark has changed her taste.

As reported by Politeka, Megan Mark's reputation is under threat, and the sister revealed all the secrets of the duchess.

Politeka also writes that Markl has been killed by his dear Princess Diana.

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