Monday , July 26 2021

The Constitutional Court decided not to intervene in Zelenski to conduct the opening

The question of the resignation of the Constitutional Court's chairman, Stanislav Shevchuk, who may delay the inauguration of Vladimir Zelenski, is postponed until May 14th.

This is evidenced by documents that are available to "parties".

Previously, we wrote that Bankova was trying to make the decision on Shevchuk's resignation through the Constitutional Court, so that during the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky the head of the Constitutional Court was not. If that happens, the ceremony will be postponed indefinitely until the election of a new President of the Constitutional Court. The decision to remove Shevchuk from the judge's mantle had to be considered today.

However, due to the oversupply surrounding this topic, some judges of the Constitutional Court decided to refuse to participate in the plot, and some simply did not come.

That is why the judges who initiate the resignation (in the KSU call them "powders") now want to postpone the meeting until May 14th. "They want to get votes," – says a source in court.

Recall, Zelenski called the probable date of the opening – May 28th.

We also wrote about how the government is trying to prevent Zelenski from being president.

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