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The Donbass fighters intensified the exercise and led to full combat readiness

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The enemy conducts active sniper and reconnaissance activities throughout the contact line.

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Military equip positions near homes – people in shock: what happens in "L / DNR"




The enemy conducts active sniper and reconnaissance activities throughout the contact line.

Russia not only returns the upgraded Donbass equipment, but also conducts teachings with extremists bringing "L / DNR warriors" in full combat readiness. it comes to the fact that they equip combat positions near residential buildings – people are in shock. This was announced by the coordinator of the group "Information Resistance", deputy of the people Dmitry Timchuk.

According to the IP group, the enemy constantly keeps in full combat readiness for artillery calculations to supply a fire to the forces of the United Force. There are regular exercises to work out the deployment and shoot.

In addition, the active activity of the sniper and shunting groups of the DER / EW (electronic intelligence / electronic warfare) of the enemy on the contact line continues to be recorded.

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At the same time, the enemy is actively training for territorial protection and practice of state authorities and the so- Force. "MES" with the participation of all controlled "power structures". It has come to the point that the rebels have digged near the civilians.

"During the exercise, questions were devised to evacuate the population from the Emergency Situation area caused by military action, deploying temporary accommodation of victims, securing their basic needs, detecting and arresting intelligence groups. the occupation forces to the highest level of preparedness, the deployment of command and control posts and staff reception points with the practical development of the issues of "In addition, units and subdivisions of" 1 and 2 AK "equipped combat positions near residential buildings, causing discontent among the local population. ""said Timchem.

Meanwhile, as announced recently by the Directorate-General of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in Russia began to recruit volunteers in the Donbass to fill armed units where there is an acute shortage of staff in certain specialties.

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