Sunday , June 20 2021

The famous beauty model lightens the chest and ass: hot shots. Politeka

The famous model, Cindy Prado, publishes an open picture in a swimsuit on her Instagram page, showing her hot shapes.

"I'm happy with everything I've done. Already accustomed to photography. During the photo session, my body seems to involve the auto-pilot mode and goes into different thoughts. You will be surprised when I tell you that when I look at the camera, I really think I will eat at dinner, "she told reporters earlier.

"Smile of Life", – signed his model picture. As you know, Cindy works as an 18-year-old model and has already managed to take part in photo sessions of magazines such as FHM and Maxim's, as well as in the advertising of alcoholic beverage producer Wodka Vodka.

Earlier, the Russian television star and actress Evelina Balogen shared a picture in a swimsuit. Celebrity often likes posting fans on the Instagram page, which is followed by more than one million people.

Among the photos in her profile there are many spicy pictures – they attract special attention to the fans. Recently Bledans shared a photo in bikini that also caused a sensation.

"Everyone thinks the time will come, and the time just goes by," the TV host said. In the comments, a fan made compliments to Evelina Bledans, and also noted that after IVF, the stars for some reason did not see a pregnant belly.

"In general, I'm always a smart woman, I adore as an actress, a TV host and a very caring mother !!!" "But what about IVF, which was done a month ago?" "Pregnancy something like b come." I saw her alone on the web. is brother or sister of Cema or what? "," You are very, very beautiful !!! I admire you, keep it … It remains to learn from you the power and your inner spiritual beauty "- write the users.

A little later she wrote on her page at Instagram: "Thanks to the fate that not only beats hard but also makes unexpected surprises. This is the gift I did not expect to receive. I'm in Bali! "Telling about the disintegration of the pregnancy.

Remember, Osadchaya showed heavenly rest with Gorbunov: a photo in a swimsuit.

As reported by Politeka, a famous Russian singer showed hot shots in a swimsuit: "Fire".

Politeka also writes that the young daughter Brezhneva shares hot swim shots: "looks like a mother," a picture.

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