Saturday , June 19 2021

The most expensive version of Lada is launched on sale: similar to a sports car. PHOTO

Autowaz launches the most expensive version of the Jaguali – the flagship of the LADA Vesta Sport model. It is reported that the sporty version of the popular sedan is immediately sold at its maximum configuration and its price starts at 1 009 900 rubles and they are handed over to the Russian Medical News Agency with a link to the official website of the company.

"The equipment includes a stabilization system, climate control, cruise control, multifunction steering wheel, heated front seats, rain and light sensors and an audio system," the report said.

The multimedia package, which includes a rear-view camera, a multimedia navigation system and a heated windscreen, will have to pay 1,045,900 rubles.

She had no time to get off the line, as there was a sufficient number of supporters and opponents at once.

"The car is interesting, it differs from the standard low ground clearance, a more powerful engine and some exterior parts, as well as a French gearbox, the price of one million a year, all the cars rising last year and the beginning of it. fans who put hundreds of thousands of rubles in the usual Vesta, and they broke it, they made it down, and there is such a factory version now, "says Igor Morjareto in the Russian army.

"I do not think the car will have much demand, but we are used to seeing the AviaVAZ products in the mass segment, and now, in my opinion, the model is too expensive, and it's available as a sports car with a 145 hp engine. Overclocking has been almost 10 seconds, although the car has been handsome and aggressive, a marketing move that attracts attention to the brand, and I do not think Autowaz relies on a huge demand for this model, "notes colleague Andrey Lomanov.

The domestic sports car, according to engine editor-in-chief of the magazine Elijah Ogorodnikov, costs too much to compete with foreign sports versions of popular cars: "The price of Lada Vesta Sport in the range of 1,009,900-1,045,900 rubles is expensive. and Polo GT, which are more likely Lada in all respects. Perhaps there are requests from fans who are willing to buy a car despite the price. Or maybe future prices have been put into the price, which will allow the price not to change in the near future.

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