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The team of Zelenski – appointments made by the President of Ukraine in the early days – news from Ukraine

May 23, 07:00

Help to target the country will be childhood friends and "grated rolls"

Photo: From the official website of Vladimir Zelenski and the team

Photo: From the official website of Vladimir Zelenski and the team.

Honored attorney and honor on social networks

Vladimir Zelenski appointed 42-year-old lawyer Andrei Bogdan as the head of his administration.

During the presidential election, Bogdan was the legal adviser to the new guarantor. Bogdan is known that he was born in Lviv, he received a higher degree in law. In addition to working at law firms, in the early 2000s he worked as an assistant judge at the Kiev Court of Appeal. In 2007 he participated in the parliamentary elections of the block "Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense", representing the interests of the block and Viktor Yushchenko in the courts. However, the People's Deputy does not. Later he worked in different positions in the government of Yulia Tymoshenko, Viktor Yanukovych and Mykola Azarov. In the spring of 2014, Andrei Bogdan became a lawyer and advisor to the then Dnipropetrovsk Governor, Igor Kolomojski. In the autumn of 2014, he again tried to run for parliament Block Petro PornochenkoHe did not become a deputy – BPP canceled his registration. Judging by the AP's new manager's social networks, he, although busy, likes traveling – often publishes photos from other countries. Bogdan does not give up on online creativity – daytime memes and popular videos are constantly appearing on his page.

Artists, dog lover and creator of "Matchmakers"

The right side of the president, the first appointed assistant Sergei Sherif – 55-year-old artistic director and screenwriter "Quarter". He is a compatriot of the president and some of the "quarterly" – also born in Krivoy Rog. The Ukrainians, he is known as a screenwriter and producer of at least 15 films, including "Matchmakers". Friends talk about him as a very sociable person. It seems that Sherif loves dogs: on his social networking page there is a photograph of four dogs at a time.

Fighting General, last Ill

Responsible for the planning of military operations will now be the new Chief of General Staff – 51-year-old native of Western Ukraine, Lieutenant General Ruslan HomchakIt is known that after graduating from the Moscow Higher Command School he served in Germany, then commanded a mechanized regiment in Ukraine, and later a mechanized brigade. In 2016-2017, he led the headquarters of the land troops involved in the battles of the Donbass. However, the current military views of Homatch are controversial because of his orders during the military operation near Ilovaşsk.

"Someone thinks he is a hero, and someone blames him for a great loss of life, and the truth is probably in the middle." It would have been desirable for Homchak to be over libel and suspicion, "one of our officers said.

In general, the appointment of Homchak as Chief of Staff is positive, albeit limited, in the Military Staff.

"He is sufficiently experienced in this position, he has performed well in the 8th Corps where he served earlier and at the Chief Inspectorate, proving he is competent, intelligent, weighted military leader," one of the officers of General Staff. As they say, according to Senka, the hat, and the man will handle his responsible tasks, we hope.

Producer "Quarter" and lover of the specifics

The first deputy head of the presidential administration is Sergey Trofimov, who, before taking up his post, is an executive producer of Studio 95.

"He was born in Zaporozhye, and in Studio 95 he is involved in the development of new directions and commercial activities. He runs major projects, such as renting full-length movies, "his colleagues told Tropfimov today. a good negotiator.

To that added that Trofimov is engaged in sports and not married.

An experienced advertiser and a young father

One of AP's youngest deputy executives is producer Cyril Tymoshenko, who recently turned 30. Prior to his appointment, he is engaged in political and social advertising films. The official website of the CEC reports that in October 2015 he ran for the party "Diy Kyiv". Surrounded by Tymoshenko, they say he likes to travel, has a higher education, is impartial and has a young son. In the comment "Today" said he is a supporter of the fastest relocation of AP from Bankova to a new location.

Professor, journalist and correspondent member

But 43-year-old Ruslan Stefanchuk is considered an ideologist of the "Ze team" and one of those who stand before the sources Party "People of the People" – now he will be a representative of Zelenyy in BP. He was born in Ternepol in the family of doctors, but he did not follow their steps after he had studied as a lawyer and devoted much time to science. In addition, in his student years, Stefanchuk plays KVN – then, he thinks, he meets Zelenski. Stefanchuk has long taught, served as head of department and vice-rector, and later won the title Professor, Doctor of Law and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine. The newly created counselor also did not bypass journalism, often publishing in the scientific press and even directing individual publications.

Stefanchuk began his first political steps with consultancy work in the Verkhovna Rada, the Ministry of Education and the Supreme Specialized Court of Ukraine, for which he received a lot of official letters and thanks. Moreover, for a while, a lawyer was adviser to First Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiwa. In his new position on Stefanchuk's shoulders, they will reform the legal institutions and work on accounts.

Intimate friend and neighbor of the guarantor

45-year-old businessman Ivan Bakanov will fight corruption and crime in the country. The new First Deputy Head of the SBU is from Krivoy Rog, like Zelenski, with whom Bakanov lived in the same house, taught together and was a friend of his childhood. He received lawyer education, in the last years headed "Quarter 95" and later the "Servant of the People" party. Segodnja sources say they listen to Bakanov's opinion in Zelenski's team, and the president himself trusts him a lot.

An experienced politician and a fighter against corruption

Ruslan Ryboshkapka, a native of Odessa, one of the most experienced politicians in the team of the new president, appointed vice president of the presidential administration. For 42 years in politics, he is now 21 years old, and his reputation is really impressive. In 1998, only after obtaining a law degree, he immediately began work at the Ministry of Justice: he began as a consultant and in a relatively short time he managed to reach higher appointments.

Since 2003, Ryabashkaka has been involved in the fight against corruption, and in 2010 he headed the Anti-Politics Bureau within the then PR – Presidential Secretariat. Following the liquidation of the department, the politician went to work in one of the cabinet structures of the ministers, and then in a well-known non-governmental anti-corruption organization. Transparency International,

After Maidan Riyabashka became Deputy Minister of Justice. Several years later, he was elected a member of the National Anti-Corruption Agency, but the politician did not last long: in July 2017, he resigned, saying the agency was not effective and had to be reorganized. Being an advisor to Zelenski, Ryabashka said he would continue to deal with anti-corruption policies.

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