Monday , June 14 2021

The war in Donbass continues, fighters and VFU suffer

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The enemy attempted to attack near the Farm of Wolves and the Lighthouse Arcade

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APU in Donbass strikes back: Six invaders killed and wounded




The enemy attempted to attack near the Farm of Wolves and the Lighthouse Arcade

On February 12, Russian occupation forces broke the armistice five times, including once with the use of prohibited weapons from Minsk.

This is the headquarters of the Joint Force operation, reported on its Facebook page.

In action bar operative tactical group "Vostok"
invaders fired at positions of the Ukrainian armies near Marinka's small arms settlement. Also, an enemy sniper shoots on our positions.

In action bar operative tactical group "North"
the enemy shoots on our defenders by:

– mortars with a 82 mm caliber and machine guns with a large caliber – in the area of ​​the farm of Volni (near Popasna);

– small arms – in the region of Stanica Luganska;

– Hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, large-scale machine guns and small arms – on Traffic (Lightning Arc);

– antitank rocket system and weapons of BM2 combat vehicles – in the region of Boguslavsky.

Due to the attacks a soldier from the United Force is injured.

The defenders' units suppressed enemy fire using weapons on duty.

Also in the action-band of the operative-tactical group North in the morning of February 12, the shooting of the village of Shirokino from the 82 mm caliper was recorded, as a result of which the mine affected the residential building. The nature of the damage is determined by the Ukrainian side of the General Coordination and Control Center.

According to intelligence data on February 12, three occupiers were killed and three were injured.

During the day, the enemy did not find a fire.

I remember that on the previous day, on February 11, the Russian occupying forces broke the armistice 12 times, including eight times with the use of weapons banned from Minsk. Return fire APU suppressed enemy fire – fighters suffered losses
: one occupant was destroyed and one was injured.

On February 10, the occupiers shot nine times on the positions of the armed forces of Ukraine, using prohibited Minsk weapons. But the losses among the Ukrainian military were not armed forces of Ukraine and suffered losses – one occupant was destroyed and two injured.

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