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The web discusses the wedding of Lazarev and Lorak – Rambler / woman

Husband Ani Lorak Murat, with whom the singer is now divorcing, was only a "cover" of her affair with Sergey Lazarev. Anja and Sergey have a common child.

The next discovery is made by web users who watch closely the stars. Researchers have found that famous singer Ani Lora is playing a secret wedding with the notorious artist Sergei Lazarev. Besides, the couple has a child – the son of Sergei Nikita, whom he teaches alone.

The presence of a spouse for a Turk, Turkish entrepreneur Murat Nalchajioglu, did not worry the researchers. First, the divorce of the singer with a businessman at its height. And secondly, Murat is only a cover for the turbulent romance of two stars, consumers are sure.

"They say they have been married for a long time, and Murat was a cover for Caroline, and Sergei's child is from Laura," the commentators write.

According to them, Annie is the mother of Nikita, so carefully hidden by the Russian singer. The version is as follows: Sergei and Carolina provide their biological material, and the surrogate mother carries the child.

The discussion was held under the new post of Sergei Lazarev at Instagram. The singer said she was on vacation with her son Nikita. However, the fans assumed that Lorac went with them.

The novel of Sergei Lazarev and Ani Lorak has long been spoken. The rumors of the artist's love affair broke out after scandals related to the cheating of the singer's husband, Murat Nalchajgioglu – he was caught in one of Kiev's Ukrainian-style bars.

In support of their version, fans cite early photographs in which Annie Lorrach and Sergei Lazarev are captured together. Most users, however, called the rumors about the marriage of Lazarev and Laura.

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