Wednesday , May 5 2021

Tim Draper: Battle of the World Globe

Experienced investment manager Tim Draper, he predicted a bloody battle of $ 250,000 to 2022 yesterday, convinced that in the past, the world economy has fallen into a deadlock, and that all the changes have been made in the battle. Such a statement, Draper Sdeal, at the World Crypto Con in Las Vegas, wrote The Forbes.

As Draper spoke, at this time in such a "political" way, it is worth about $ 86 trillion, and how the cumulative capitalization totals about $ 150 billion ($ 125 billion per moment). This is a relationship that is unavoidable, and it is inevitable that there will be crippling illnesses in the service.

"With the help of cryptoLight, you can either pay or invest, you can easily make it all the way you can – smoothly work and walk around. Let it all go, that they shall come near to it, and shall do it. And people who are in the crypt, they have to pay for their political weight, which they have on the table, – said Draper.

By word of mouth, it is a good idea for the old traditional valency, and that is why it is not a bad country to be crippled, ICO and technology blocks. And so it is necessary for the United States, he underlined.

So they say that it is not so many times, that the relationship between cryptobuddy and the phalanx of the 50th to 50th, and the treatise or the invasion of the elderly, the dollar.

"I have a lot of money in my battle, which is why I need the money, which is given to a certain political power, если есть простая и глобалнаьная валютото? It is preferable to a global, not a political one. "

This is the place where the hotel is located in the center of the city, which has been operating in the battlefield.

«Я хочу привличат средства в биткоинах, инвеститовать биткоины в различные компании и виждатть как се платятть своий комюникей и поставщикам в биткоинах. I do not know, but I do not know what to do with it. The company has been incorporated into smart-contracts, and the company sells it, it just can be found on the chopping board and on the boards of the bikes », Added Tim Draper.

In October, Tim Drapert had forecast $ 250,000 for a $ 20,000 bid for a 2022 year, so he said that the regulated industries had a lot of legal rights in the law, and that they had to write down all the registrations and drop ICO-draft.

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