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Tina Carroll excites her beauty in a sheer dress: "Oh, and the fox." Politeka

Tina Carroll delighted fans with a new playful photo in a gentle way

A popular Ukrainian singer is known for her love of ethereal, feminine clothes and stylish images. She often spreads her fans with new photos from her numerous photo sessions.

This time, Tina Carroll shared a new playful photo in Instagram in a sweet posture. The singer is dressed in a romantic ivory dress. In addition, her image is complemented by bright red lipstick, which has become a kind of "business card" of the performer.

The fans were delighted with Karoll's new picture. Beneath him came many positive comments.

"Wow, what a sun," "Oh, and the fox," "Your smile is most loved," "Immeasurably fucking," "And who is so mysterious here? This is a Tinker, enchanted by her beauty, "," Aaa Little are in shock today, "" Oh, Bose, what a smile here,

Earlier we wrote that Tina Carroll suddenly surprised the fans with a spicy frame she presented on her page on the social network Instagram.

As is well known, Tina Carroll is an active network user and often enjoys followers with her pictures, not just scenes and bright frames of photo sessions, as well as quotes, reflections and important remarks.

This time, an unusual photo appeared on Carol's page, in which the singer presented a sweet and, at the same time, brave image. So, Tina did not do it without emphasizing in her new outfit – a thin black dress intrigued fans with transparency and thin straps.

It seems that the Ukrainian singer managed to emphasize very favorably his luxurious forms. The image was intriguing and very unusual.

Many fans have admitted that they like this Tina and her stylish "bow" because it inspires style and a certain intrigue. Also, the fans said that in the photo, despite the honesty of the dress, there is no vulgarity.

Recall Karoll puzzled fans a shot shot.

As reported by Politeka, Tina Carroll has made her fans crazy with a seductive suit.

Politeka also writes that Tina Carroll "stole" her husband from Katya Osadaya.

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