Saturday , June 19 2021

Ukrainian Alexander Ussk climbed into the pool with dumbbells and began boxing with water

Absolute world boxing champion Alexander Ussk, who was named WBA's best boxer of the year, published an unusual workout video on his Instagram page.

Judging by the video, the Ukrainian boxer has been actively preparing for a new battle, which according to the organizer Alexander Krasiuk's forecast will be held in the United States in May 2018. Battle will take place in May, 18th or 25th. Alexander Ussic with red dumbbells and swimming glasses performs sharp attacks with hands with a hump of the hull and head.

Fans admired the unusual training of an athlete: "I was wounded and you are a professional," "I cleared the water mane," "Marvel wants a new superhero start?" Then I miss your performances, "Fighting the shadow," "Good preparation, but strikes can be put into the water without a dumbbell "," When mommy calls home, but you still have to box and swim. "In the lake, with special glasses in his hands, the hands were in the water," the users comment.

Earlier, Krausuk said that Russian Alexander Ovetkin or Cuban Louis Ortiz could become the next contender for Usic.

As reported by Party, on January 17, Usic celebrates the 32nd anniversary. On his birthday, he published several photos from Bali that show a sharp change in the image of an athlete. The first photo is a boxer with an old hair style, and the second one with a shaven jaw and a third bald image in the third one.

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