Sunday , June 20 2021

Under Cherkassami military "Ural" with ammunition in a cuvette for civilian car

Груженый боеприпасами военный грузовик "Урал" на скользкой дороге съехал в куювет. The incident occurred during the movements of the military columns in the Cherkassy region in the Knydzhik village villages Звенигородского район в пятницу, 25 января. Об этом сообщает Генеральный штаб Вооруженных сил Украины on your own side in Sokolets.

According to preliminary information, the DTP was used for the "colluning of the civilian car, in the result that it led to the military overloading of the highway and to the necessary drops needed to avoid the stools".

Уточняется, что военный "Урал" перевозил ящики с боеприпасами за обезопасени боевой подготовки. Боеприпасы находились в неснаряженном состоинии. Then the incident was bombarded in other cars and military columns, moving columns by a given route. I suffered net. Ugros is the civilian population, not so, who have been certified in Genshtabe.

Ranee "Country" wrote a volume that under Kyivow revamped a military field with tangled tanks.

This is the result of the storied Armenian "Ural" and "Kamaza" by the warrior, tрое в больнице.

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