Friday , June 18 2021

Users have criticized Lesya Nikituk's new photos: "How much can you eat ???" photo

Consumers criticized Leslie Nikityuk's new photos: How much can you eat ???

Lesya Nikituk rests on the Maldives. Photo: Presenter of Instagram

The TV host continues to publish photos from others on social networks.

Lesya Nikityuk, enjoying a long vacation (this time the Maldives), continues to enjoy subscribers with new photos. But this time, followers criticized the TV host, noting that "one must be more modest and more tolerant."

"As with so much food, you can hold such a flat stomach! beverages ….. ", Lesya and you are drunk, make sure you do not own your food and drink," – noted some of the consumers. However, other subscribers immediately came to his defense: "Class! Lesya, deserves such a rest! Bravo! ", – they stressed.


Lesya Nikityuk satisfied subscribers with new photos: in hugs with husky

On the eve of New Year's Eve, Ukrainian TV host Lesya Nikitycu congratulated his subscribers for the upcoming celebration.

– Happy Holidays Friends! Every mutual love, joy, adventure! Girls – beautiful figures, boys – girls with beautiful figures! Your parents' health! Happy New Year! Nikituk wrote.

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