Monday , July 26 2021

Video of unusual punishment – Eric Boteac perfected the strike of Panenki

Today, 15:54

Eric Boteac effectively implemented the 11-meter, but did not help his team win

Boteak initially fired off a penalty. Photo newsapi.com.au

Boteak initially fired off a penalty. Photo newsapi.com.au.

The Australian Championship final match between the Brisbane Rourine and Adelaide United clubs has not only scored eight goals (the scorers won 5: 3), but one of the boldest penalties in history.

The 61th minute of the match, "Brisbane" won the right to a penalty, which voluntarily presented to the French midfielder Eric Boteac. It is not known whether the 31-year-old midfielder specifically intended to hit him in this way, or simply failed to hit the ball correctly, but eventually scored a spectacular prize. The opponent's goalie fell in the left corner and Boteac mocked the ball almost to the center of the door.

Club Adelaide United finished in the A-League in fourth place, Brisbane Rourine finished the season on the penultimate, ninth line.

We previously wrote that the player from the Paraguayan club Independiente Campo Grande Brahrent Para brutally paid for a casual punishment in the South American Cup against Colombian La Ekidad. In the penalty, Parr hit with a blow and failed to outwit the goalie. In general, his club flew out of the tournament and the player was kicked out of the club.

We said that earlier in England football player probes "worst punishment in history"Swansea's player also tried to play Panenko.

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