Sunday , June 13 2021

Vladimir Grossman will create a new political party

Prime Minister Vladimir Grossman announced that he would form a new political force to take part in the regular elections for the Verkhovna Rada, involving people with a positive reputation.

He said this on the TV channel ICTV, answering the question of what political power will be taking part in the elections this autumn.

"It will definitely be a political force that will bring together people with good reputations, people who can not only talk, but actually do things to be handed over to the country." I do not want to be extra in the next political season, I want to be active "I want to fight for ideas, I want to introduce them," said Grissman.

Among other things, Grissman added that before the next parliamentary elections it is necessary to change the electoral system.

"If we do not change the electoral system in the country, then the new parliament, which will be elected by the old system after 2-3 months will be our biggest disappointment," the Prime Minister stressed.

The fact that Vladimir Grossman creates a new political force, Country opens in March.

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