Friday , July 30 2021

Volvo has prepared a mysterious new thing

Volvo has prepared a mysterious new thingThe smartphone will be the key that will store all information about the driver.

Volvo companies have shared teasers for mysterious new things that want to be displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Judging by the photos and hashtags in the description, we can assume that Swedish people will show some type of technology or service related to autonomous control. Maybe the future Volvo can be controlled from a smartphone or, using a special application, call a drone taxi.

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The photo posted on Facebook shows a smartphone that says "This is not a cellphone". Apparently, what Volvo shows will turn it into something more. For example, a smartphone will be the key where all information about the driver will be stored: his musical preferences, arrangements for seats, steering and mirror wheels, air conditioning and information about places where they occur most often.

In addition, using a smartphone, you can drive a car. For example, it has been applied in Tesla electric cars, BMW 5-Series or Mercedes-Benz E-Class Terrain. It is possible that smartphones in Volvo presentations can also provide access to the UAV fleet. Like the stand-alone 360c concept car, which debuted in September.

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Volvo 360c – fully electric drone, without steering and pedals. The company positions it as an alternative for domestic flights, when the distance is no more than 300 kilometers. Depending on the task, 360c can be converted into a cellular office, entertainment room, or bedroom.

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