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Who comes out, who flies, who lives – changes in the League of Nations division – presents the results of the League of Nations and tells who from the national team, how to complete the tournament.

Who comes out, who flies, who lives - changes in the League of Nations division

November 17 2018 10:00

The first lottery of the new UEFA tournament is almost complete and many teams already know their fate in it.

According to tournament regulations there are 4 divisions (leagues), each of which has four groups. The worst team of each group from the first three divisions (A, B, C) is ranked lower (from League A to League B), and the best team from each group from the last three divisions (B, C, D) higher ranking.

The winners of the first division group will meet in the final four, where they will play the League of Nations first trophy.

Conclude the current tournament:

Reach the last four: At present, nothing is guaranteed
Who pretends to be: France and the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland, Portugal and Italy, Spain, England and Croatia.

Stay in Division A: Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland.

Departure for Division B: Germany, Iceland, Poland
Who pretends to be: England and Croatia

Enter Division A: Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark
Who pretends to be: Russia and Sweden

Stay in Division B: Austria, Wales

Departure to Division C: Northern Ireland, Ireland
Who claims: Czech Republic and Slovakia, Turkey and Sweden

Exit to Division B: Finland
Who pretends to be: Israel, Scotland and Albania, Norway and Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Lithuania

Stay in Division C: Greece.

Depart to Division D: Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia
Who pretends to be: Scotland and Albania, Hungary, Cyprus, Romania and Montenegro

Enter Division C: Georgia

Who pretends to be: Belarus, Luxembourg and Moldova, Kosovo, Azerbaijan and the Faroe Islands, Macedonia and Armenia.

Stay in the division: Kazakhstan, Latvia, Andora, San Marino, Malta, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein

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