Monday , August 2 2021

"Will this transfer window be the biggest in Liverpool's history? Probably not.

Liverpool – Huddersfield

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Liverpool chief coach Jurgen Klop talks about the summer shuttle team's plans.

– As for the plans for this summer, our task is not to surprise people but to improve the team. But there are many ways to do this, not only to sign new players. In general, the whole thing in the training. And this is the best way to make the team stronger. If it is possible to sign new beginners then why not do this? If, however, a new person comes to the team, then you will not immediately think about who else to sign up for the same position.

– Now Liverpool has a fairly balanced team. Naturally, we will not set our plans for the summer window to transfer to the public. Will this transfer be the biggest in the history of the club? Probably not. It would be surprising if I answered yes.

– We do not lose vigilance, we are constantly looking for new opportunities. But now I have nothing to say about what may happen next, "said Clapton.

Recall that on Friday Juergen Klop's team will play in their area with Huddersfield Town within the 36th round of the English Premier League. The beginning of the meeting is at 21:55 (Moscow time).

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