Tuesday , June 15 2021

Yurchenko accidentally scored a goal from the center of the field with a violation of fair play. Vejle had to miss the next UA-Football attack

The curious episode happened in the 31st round of the Danish championship between Weile (played by Ukrainian Vladen Yurchenko) and Aarhus (2: 4).

The events in the match began to develop closer to the end of the first half when the referee assigned a controversial ball in the middle of the field. Yurchenko, following the rules of fair play, hit the ball in the direction of the opponent's goal, but did not calculate the power of the strike, and the round flying over goalkeeper Aarhus, who came out of the gate, went into the net.

Eventually, after several minutes of turbulent episode discussion, the Waile players in the next attack gave the guests the opportunity to score a goal without resistance.

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