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Zodiac signs that, after the end of a love story, forever forget about past passions

The stars underneath a man largely determine his behavior in relationships. Astrologers warn about the signs of the zodiac whose representatives After separation they consider their ex-lovers literally nothing, empty space.

Aries all the time in a relationship thinks who is better: he or a partner. He is very passionate competitive in all areas in private life. Therefore, it is not surprising that he absolutely does not care about maintaining a friendship or friendship with someone from past relationships. He is already looking for a new "sacrifice" that will be in a constant race. Aries does not mind if the former partner is interested in their lives, but they do not take any initiative.

Lion accepts only relationships in which he is adoredthey worship him and "look into his mouth". When the beloved (s) becomes first, then, of course, he starts to give his whole attention to a new person, enters a new relationship. And terribly angry Leo, he can not tolerate this. Therefore, in order to maintain his nervous system, he is not friendly to the first. If Leo is admitted into his life, he will want to take all his time with him and will not allow him to arrange his personal life.

Scorpio – the most jealousyThis prevents him from building strong friendships with his former passions. He even worries about the simple intercourse of his oldest beings with other people. Scorpio is unbearable to watch his new partner's new relationship, so for any friendship or even communication, it can not be said.

Capricorn is very sensitive. He is given to his second half completely, interested in her life and the inner world. He will never be able to forgive the fact that these efforts have not been appreciated by merit and opened his heart to another person. Even if the separation happens at the initiative of Capricorn, he will blame the former lover for his lack of attention. These crimes do not allow him to be a friend to the first.

Aquariusthe most indifferent sign of all in terms of communication after the end of a love affair. He does not care about friendship, comradeship, he does not even just greet his former passions.

It's not a matter of complaining or some inner feelings, it's simple the ability to completely eliminate people from their livesThere was a lover – there was interest, there was – interest, targeting potential newcomers. And this is not interesting for Aquarius.

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