Sunday , June 20 2021

Amazon buys Eero as the key to the intelligent home – Axios

Buying Amazon for Eero's hardware launch is not hard to explain: The intelligent home ambitions of the company depend on a fast, reliable Wi-Fi network in the home, and Eero's network routers help to achieve this.

Why is it important: Amazon puts all the pieces together for a complete intelligent home system, with Aleca's voice headed into the constellations Echo Speakers, Blink Home Security Systems and Ring Smart Door.

  • ICYMI: Last year, Amazon spent $ 1 billion to acquire Ring.
  • The home router itself may be a useful point of integration for Alexa or other services.

Our Thought Balloon: Not only is this a strategic move for Amazon, but it is time for Eero to give up trying to cope alone in the increasingly competitive network hardware market.

  • The company hoped to switch to subscription services, such as security, but it always seemed a tough way to make a long-term plan for a company that has begun to solve a major hardware problem.

The big picture: Although this transaction is not likely to raise serious anti-trust, it is yet another example of expanding Amazon's reach into new areas.

  • Some Eero customers too expressed anxiety that the details of their home network settings that were previously in the hands of a small start could be used for wider purposes than Amazon.
  • The company he said in a tweet that "does not track internet customer activity and this policy will not change with the acquisition."

History lessonAmazon earlier invested in the competitor of Eero Luma despite its Alexa fund.

What they say:

  • Quartz is Mike Murphy: "My parents' house has @ geteero, @ring and @amazonecho. They have a premium account and shop in Whole Foods on occasion. Jeff Bezos now controls the suburbs.
  • The Verge & # 39; s Dieter Bonn: "I'm glad Eero will get more resources, but I loved to have at least one important gadget in my life that was not made by Apple / Google / Amazon / Microsoft or caught in their ecosystems."

The bottom line: Whatever Amazon is paying (and does not say), it will not only gain from selling Eero's network devices, but also by providing reliable networks to users of other Amazon products and services.

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