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Amazon launches Prime Day sales early

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While the world sticks to its credit cards before the big sale of Amazon Prime Day, which begins tomorrow (July 15), you can beat the game with these early deals.

Amazon is a little sneaky and starts selling early, ignoring its Echo devices and tablets to make huge savings.

Everything from Fire TV Stick to Echo Dot intelligent speakers and killed Fire tablets has been reduced in advance.

This is just the beginning of the two-day sales of thousands of Amazon products, so if you take advantage of your new device now is the right time.

Best deals for stick and entertainment

First, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is reduced by 20 pounds, which means you will pay 19.99 instead of 39.99 pounds.

Fire TV Stick lets you stream Amazon Prime video content to your TV – perfect if you have to catch up with likes Hannah, the Great Tour, or Good fairy tales.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote Control | streaming media player


Fire TV Stick is £ 39.99 and is now £ 19.99 SAVE £ 20

Best deals for Echo

Amazon also lowered the price of its Echo smart home speaker.

Echo Dot (3rd generation) – Intelligent speaker with Alexa-Charcoal Fabric


Echo Dot (third generation) is £ 49.99, now £ 22 SAVE £ 27.99

Echo Show (2nd Gen) is £ 219.99, now £ 159.99 SAVE £ 60

Both Echo Dot and Echo Show are activated in Alexa and let you use your voice to listen to music, ask questions on Google, and even manage smart devices in your home.

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The sale has also reduced Amazon's several smart home entertainment sets, such as the Philips Hue White Starter Set, which will allow you to control your home lighting with voice control only.

Come to Alexa to darken the lights or plan them to shine when you wake up.

Echo Dot (third generation) + Amazon Smart Plug is £ 64.98, now £ 31.99 SAVE £ 32.99

Echo Dot (3rd generation) + Philips Hue White Starter Set was £ 109.96, now £ 51.99 SAVE £ 57.97

Echo Dot (Third Generation) Charcoal + Philips Hue White Smart Starter Kit E27


Best deals for tablets and electronic readers

Finally, Amazon has also lowered the cost of some of its tablets, including specialty children's magazines.

Fire 7 is £ 49.99, now £ 29.99 SAVE £ 20

Fire 7 Kids Edition is £ 99.99, now £ 59.99 SAVE £ 40

Brand new Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet 7


Fire HD 8 was £ 79.99, now £ 44.99 SAVE £ 35

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition was £ 129.99, now £ 84.99 SAVE £ 45

Fire HD 10 is £ 149.99, now £ 94.99 SAVE £ 55

Fire HD 10 Tablet, 1080p Full HD display, 32GB, black with special offers


Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is £ 199.99, now £ 134.99 SAVE £ 65

Kindle Paperwhite was £ 119.99, now £ 79.99 SAVE £ 40

Kindle Paperwhite – Waterproof, 6


Amazon Prime Day officially begins at midnight tonight (July 14th) and will last until midnight on July 16th.

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