Tuesday , December 1 2020

Apple may allow third parties to use more iPhone NFC functionality

You may be able to move your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max to work or pay for a meal – with services other than Apple Pay, Apple may allow third parties access to more NFC capabilities on iPhone, sources said TechSpot, which could be extended to the payment and authentication function of non-Apple software.

Currently, Apple only allows developers to access the NDEF Format Format (NDEF), which for example can allow users to exchange contact information.

Apple says it opens iPhone technology for other NFC formats, according to unnamed sources. One of these, ISO 7816, is typically used for identification and access cards; others, FeliCa and MiFare, allow financial verification to pay and / or certify the metro card to a large extent in Japan, but also in Hong Kong, mainland China, Indonesia and elsewhere.

Touch next to a pass?

While this information comes from anonymous sources, it still suggests a more exciting future that will allow users to drive more authentication and action to their iPhone. Anyway, he wanted to make Apple – no farther than confused Apple Credit Card,

But it could also allow users to use their iPhone for more common tasks such as spraying to go through workplace security or in hotel rooms. It is also supposed that people will use alternative payment services through NFC.

We will have to wait for more formal confirmation, but with WWDC 2019 if it comes, we will probably hear some way if this feature really comes.

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