Wednesday , September 22 2021

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Brings New Mythical Creatures, Epic Events, and Others in November

Quests, items, cosmetics, and new levels will come this month.

Assassins creed odyssey

Ubisoft Assadin 's Creed Odyssey will receive a number of different new features and missions in November, as explained in the new developer update video. The first story in The Lost Tales of Greece will come out and bring a new search called "The Show Must Go On". This will see Kassandra or Alexios playing the role of Leonidas from the Battle of 300 with the opportunity to enter their own dialogue.

A group of other content such as Epic Mercenaries (which is being held but will return later this month) and Epic Ships will also be available, offering new items and ship models as gifts. A new Mythical Creature will debut on November 13 with Cyclops and will remain for a while so don't worry if you are too low. Other features include increased level cap (to level 70), transmogrification for cosmetics and more.

This should prepare players for the next content section in December, that is Legacy of the First Blade. Paid DLC will explore the history of hidden blade users first and possibly bring new areas, new missions, and more to the surface. More free content is being planned Assadin 's Creed Odyssey so wait for more details.

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