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Boris Johnson can beat Nigel Faraday, says former assistant to BBC Newsnight UK | News

At the beginning of the EU elections next week the Brexit party rose to the election as many predict that the Tories will be punished by the voters. Ms. Mae's former assistant, Chris Wilkins, revealed that Boris Johnson is the only MP to deal with Nigel Farage's Brexit party. The former foreign minister announced his intention to run for the party leadership earlier this week and, according to Mr. Wilkins for BBC Newsnight, Mr. Johnson is considered the only person who can unite the party.

Speaking of BBC Newsnight, Mr. Wilkins said: "Boris Johnson has an immediate name.

"He's also the man who has the power to confront the Brexit party from day one.

Following Mrs. May's statement that she will set the departure date following the vote on the Brexit deal next month, Mr. Johnson announced that he would take part in the next Torrey leadership race.

Although Mr Johnson is popular with members of the Tory party, some members fear that he may be sabotaged by rebels.

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According to the Daily Telegraph, some Torrey lawmakers are committed to their colleagues to provide mutual support to prevent Johnson from becoming a leader.

John Strafford, chairman of the National Conservative Convention, said: "If Boris were to be turned off, that would be absolute disgrace – they would simply protest with their feet and leave the party."

Repeating the comments of Mr. Strafford, Gainsborough Conservative President Roger Patterson, says the current party electoral system is "like a dictatorship."

The Tory party recently suffered heavy losses in the council election, and some of the party are afraid they will be again punished next week.

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Speaking about the campaign of conservative European elections, Torri MEP Sajad Karim insisted that he never had so little support.

Karim added, "They have never started their campaign in the EU.

"It is clear from the outset that they do not want these choices, they do not worry about the outcome, and Brexit will happen before the MEPs take their seats, so that's pointless.

– But this is not true.

"We had to fight hard with these elections."

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