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Brain Menopause Amputated in Brighton "can even drive a car"

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Mike Davis said he has taken his hands and feet "must go"

A man who has just died of meningitis has revealed how he expected his limbs to be amputated.

60-year-old Mike Davis of Brighton spent 70 days in intensive care with meningococcal meningitis and septicemia.

During that time, he said he knew his hands and feet were "dead" and that he would recover better without them.

Now he says he is in a positive place and "can even hold a mug of beer".

With the help of dentures, Mr. Davies can drive a specially adapted car and say he has lived to the end.

"My message to anyone who has amputations will not give up," he said.

The disease occurred on Christmas Eve in 2017 when it began to become "colder and colder."

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The disease struck as soon as Mr. Davies moved to Brighton with his wife

He said, "The climb to bed did not help me, I looked like a ghost with blue lips."

His family insisted on going to the hospital in Sussex County.

In the early hours of Christmas, his wife, Julie and his son Rory, were taken to a room and said he was unlikely to survive.

"A happy person"

"When they held my hand, I could not feel it, my arms and legs were dying," he said.

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Mr. Davis insisted he was a "happy person"

For 10 weeks in a hospital "on the brink of survival," he knew his limbs had to go.

"I began to expect amputated arms and legs

"I was on a lot of medication and I very much agreed that they should go to me to make a recovery," he said.

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Mr. Davis drives a special car

He spent two and a half months at Kali Mary University Hospital, Roempton, learning to walk on prosthetic legs.

Since then, he has "gone three miles," can eat, use cutlery attached to his hands, and can even "hold a mug of beer."

"I feel in a very positive place in my mind about the challenges I still have to overcome.

"Support from other people was key, I'm a happy person," he said.

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