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Brexit news: Theresa May allies admit that EU exit can be forbidden – alarm bell | Politics News

Theresa can be divided

Ms. May is preparing for a new battle to keep Britain out of the EU (Image: GETTY)

Britain may need additional "few weeks" to pass new laws through parliament, Ms. Leadsom said. The shock of one of the top government officials at Brexiteers will cause alarm that UK retreat from the EU on March 29 is becoming more fragile. "We can achieve legislation," said Ms. Leadsom.

"In particular, I think that despite all this we have very strong relations with our friends and neighbors from the EU and I am quite sure that if we need a few extra weeks or something, it will be feasible. "

Threats to Remanager's rebellion in the cabinet intensified on Friday after Philip Hammond has signaled he is ready to quit if Britain is about to leave the European Union without a deal.

Ms. Leadsom has called on her colleagues to support Theresa May as the government prepares "for all possible events".

"I encourage my colleagues in the office to stand behind this feeling and make sure we are all on the same page," she told BBC2 Newsnight.

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Ms. Leadsom called on her colleagues to support the prime minister as the government is preparing "for all possible events" (Photo by Chris J. Ratcliff / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The Chancellor said his future in Ms. May's top team depends on what will happen to overcome the deadlock.

And he admitted that some senior figures see a crucial vote next week as "a high lunch."

Ms. May is preparing for a new battle to keep Britain out of the EU on the road while the opponents unite behind the proposal to postpone the day of exit if the deal is not agreed next month.

The Labor and Pension Secretary, Amber Rudd, declined to exclude the renunciation to support the plan earlier this week.

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Britain's withdrawal from the EU on March 29 is becoming more fragile (Image: Luke MacGregor / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Mr. Hammond said his government's future, if Britain faces a "exit from a deal," depends on the circumstances.

"The responsibility I have is to manage the economy in the best interests of the British," he said.

"I certainly do not believe that choosing to leave without a deal would be responsible for something to be done, but I admit that this is a potential breach we may be in, and if we find ourselves in that position then the responsible thing is to use every possible way to mitigate and mitigate the impact. "

Cabinet divisions on how to continue to boil, as Brexiteer Penny Mordaunt warns voters "wanting to do so" and said the support is increasing for leaving without consent.

"We have a very strong relationship with our friends and neighbors from the EU, and I'm absolutely sure that if we need a few extra weeks or so, that would be feasible."

Andrea Leidom

The International Secretary for Development said the change was due to the fact that "there is no Brexit worse than no deal" to leave supporters.

There is growing support for an amendment made by Ivet Cooper, which may mean that the day of exit will be delayed by nine months.

Mrs. Rudd wants the prime minister to offer a free vote on the proposed changes to her plan for Brexit B on Tuesday.

Hammam said, "What Amber does is reflect the opinion of some of my colleagues that somehow the next Tuesday is noon, the last chance to oppose anything.


The Labor and Pension Secretary, Amber Rudd, refused to exclude the renunciation to support the plan (Photo: Jack Taylor / Getty Images)

"I do not think this is the case, I do not think next Tuesday should be, or really will be, the highest noon of this debate.

"Parliament will want to be confident that it will have the opportunity to express its clear opinion and some of my colleagues, including some in the government, will want to be able to express their views.

"But I do not think the next Tuesday is the time when it comes to that.

Plans for interparliamentary support to use Tuesday's vote to secure a second referendum have been rejected, but Labor has tabled its own amendments calling for a re-vote.

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The divisions in the cabinet on how to keep boiling (Image: Dinendra Haria / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images)

Leaders of DUP

Democratic Workers' Party (DUP) Leaders Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds (Photo: Leon Neal / Getty Images)

Proposals submitted by Ian Murray, Angela Smith and Mike Gapes will force ministers to pass voting laws with the option of remaining in the EU.

Conservative assistant Andrew Murison has tabled a new amendment backed by the influential chairman of the Tory Backbench Committee 1922, Sir Graham Brady, and former ministers Damian Greene and Dame Sheryl Gilan – requiring controversial Irish defense to be replaced by alternative measures to avoid a hardcore ".

She suggests to the Brexiteers, who rebelled against Ms. May last week, the road to reconciliation, saying her supporters "will support the withdrawal agreement subject to this change."

The DUP is reportedly prepared to support Ms May if a suspension period can be provided.

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