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CD Projekt Red promises to improve the work-life balance of cyberpunk 2077 developers

Given that there are still reports of crisis and turbulent development periods in CD Projekt Red on Cyberpunk 2077.

It is not that shining practice of a crisis that has raised its head and entered the spotlight more than ever in the past year. Games like Red Red Redemption 2 and anthem in particular, have been called for particularly crude periods of development, although there are many other examples. In a recent interview with Coach, co-founder and Marcin Ivinsky Киберпанд 2077 Director Adam Badovski stressed that CD Projekt Red, a studio that actually has a remarkable reputation for a crisis in the industry, takes steps to ensure a balance between the professional and private lives of developers there is more sustainable and that the crisis is not mandatory.

"We are known – let me be humble for a moment here – we are known to treat gamers with respect … And I would actually [like] to be known for our attitude to developers. "Iwiński said. He continued, saying, "We have been working for him for some time … but we want to be more humane and respectful of people. If they have to take a break, they can take time. No one will be worried if this is requested. Badovski also stressed that there are personal motives for this change: "We are aging, and most people who are responsible for the crisis have families, young children, and they feel totally the same. "

Overall, CD Projekt Red believes that the final stages of the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077 & amp; will be "better than The Witch"End time" in terms of crisis. While all this sounds great on paper, Kotaku also stressed that there may still be some crisis in the studio after this change, and that the development of Киберпанд 2077 has not gone as smoothly as the general public can perceive. An anonymous former developer of CD Projekt Red even told Kotaku that "I think there are hundreds of parallels that can be made between the history of rock development anthem and the history of the rocky and even more rocky development of the Cyberpunk 2077. "

Regarding the crisis that will be preserved, Iwiński told Kotaku: "We've communicated clearly to people that there are, of course, some moments where we have to work harder – as I think the E3 demo is a good example" "Sometimes we have unique specialties, very unique people, and you can not clone them. We need them to work on very specific things. And we have to ask them to spend more time on something very specific because there is no other way to do so. "

Until the crisis can not completely dissipate, I hope CD Projekt Red sticks to the word and ends Cyberpunk 2077 & amp; development with a period that is the light of stress, as Marcin Iwiński suggests, "I think this is the commitment we are ready to do today and we will listen to people. Here we definitely open many lines of dialogue and we would like to begin with this. "

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