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Celtic vs Valencia: Emilio Isagiraj is right but there is no room for Cyran Teirny

Kelton Kearn Tierney returns to training, but not enough to return to Valencia

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Celtic will continue without his left goalkeeper Kieran Tierney when Valencia hosts the Europa League mission on Thursday.

Missing from mid-December with a hunchback, the 21-year-old returns to the training but will not be considered for the first round of the 32-tie.

Emilio Izaguirre missed the Scottish Cup victory on Sunday. Johnstone with an ankle hammer but ready to come back.

Security co-host Jozef Simunovic is available after being pulled out at the end of the week and feeling sick at the weekend.

Midfielder Olivier Natham has suffered recurring complaints from his hips and joins Philip Benkovic, Tom Rodzic, Ebue Quasi and Anthony Ralston.

The team of Brendan Rogers won all seven games played in 2019 without a goal.

But Celtic has never gone out of the 32's in the Europa League after losing to Inter Milano (2015) and Zenit St. Petersburg last year.

"We are at the best level we could be in terms of the start that we have made to the second (season) and also the level of our game," the manager said.

"The intensity is really high, and regardless of our opponents, this is what we are always trying to achieve in the game, in terms of pushing the game and playing at a really high pace in the 90s.

"The idea is to be really aggressive, defensive, strong and compact as a team and we obviously look as creative and as aggressive as we can."

Valencia "is not used to losing"

Valencia, who finished in third place after Juventus and Manchester United in the Champions League, is the eighth in La Liga.

Visitors reached this stage of the race four times, crossing each time.

Argentina's defender Faquido Roncalia has been suspended for the Spanish side, while Jose Luis Gaia and Rodrigo Moreno have joined a long list of injuries.

But the visitors managed to meet the former PSG fan and Benfica Gonako Guedees as a substitute for the second half after two months of injury.

Rogers describes Valencia as "an outstanding team," adding: "They are not used to losing, they have lost only four (league) games this season so the mentality is to win.

"They have taken some games but they are a very good country full of technical players with good physicality, but that's what you expect at that level."

The clubs met in the third round of the UEFA Cup in 2001-02, both sides winning 1-0 at home and Valencia prevailing in a penalty in Glasgow.

Valencia also triumphed in the first round of the Inter-city Fair Cup of 1962-63, along with 6-4, while the Spaniards continue to hold the trophy.

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