Sunday , July 25 2021

Danny Dyer angry troops trolls and blasts: "The island of love is not a real life"

Danny Dyer spoke violently to defend herself from the trolls who accused her of "double standards" for Jack Finchham's division.

Less than 20 days after divorce with Jack, Danny was spotted back in the arms of her former ex-partner while she was passionately on the street.

Danny was seen leaving Sammy Kimmans early on Monday morning – and the scenes did not blend too well with the fans.

Some Love Islanders went to Twitter to call Danny's behavior and accuse her of "double standards."

Danny and Jack were hardcore favorites of the viewer during their stay on the Island of Love

One tweet: "Double standards." She cryed like a baby when Jack's ex-wife (Eli Jones) entered the villa.

"Then when you and Jack break up, you're with your ex!

During his stay in the Villa Island villa pair, Danny and Jack were torn apart by the boys who were sent by Casa Amor.

A group of young people dressed in bikinis, including Jack Eli's ex-girlfriend, joined them.

In a cruel turn, the bosses sent Danny a video about Jack's reunion with her ex-girlfriend in tears.

Love Island bosses have told Danny that Jack joins his ex

The images left her in flood of tears

According to the Daily Star, Danny fired back trolls on Twitter: "Are you seriously connecting a situation in the Island of Love to Real Life?"

Then he added: "I was with Jack on the show, we were in a balloon, we were not together and we were not.

– People have no idea! Totally different.

Since then the tweets have been deleted.

Ellie said there are still feelings about Jack

While Danny protects against criticism, her former partner Jack is busy as a series of supporting tweets.

One of the messages Jack said, "One of the former told her she was for fame, and I think Jack was always more in it, then she was she and I think that's why she does not follow her parents, but not who was thinking.

Another fan told Jack: "True colors always show that I'm the end, she always puts on a jack and continues to complain about everything he's done because it's perfect."

Jack loves the tweets who support him while Danny continues

And the third tweet he liked was: "He liked to be blocked by Danny to point out obviously. jack_charlesf you're lucky.

It marks a big change in what Jack said only last Thursday when he appeared on Good Morning Britain.

The 27-year-old man has confirmed that their relationship is definitely over and he says that he wishes his former nothing but happiness.

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