Tuesday , June 15 2021

Debbie McGee with a strict dance dock reveals a diagnosis of breast cancer

Strange dancesDebbie McGee revealed she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

During the regular McGee examinations, two tumors were found, which were then successfully removed without the need for chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Speaking The sun for her diagnosis, she revealed that she "frightened her to death."

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– Even though I have mammograms [scans for breast cancer] every two years, I never thought I'd ever have it. It scared me to death, "she said.

Debbie McGee, Giovanni Perniche, strictly dancing, highest score Tango


"They were talking about a full mastectomy, shaking from my thighs. It was really scary, considering my dances – and I was all alone.

She added that getting the diagnosis is even more difficult without having her late husband, Paul Daniels, get support.

McGee explained that the first surgeon went to recommend mastectomy, but instead chose a smaller operation to remove the affected areas.

"I was worried about what they would find – and they were very worried about how I would look.

"It was really a terrible moment when they took away all my dressings.

"Still, I could not even see where she was [the surgeon] I was cut off. I just thought it was amazing.

– I just think I'm the happiest person alive because I had a mammogram and she came up and it's early, I will not have scars or anything else. It's just unbelievable and the only reason for this is that I had regular checks. "

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