Sunday , September 26 2021

Electric motorcycle & # 39; Iron Man & # 39; high-tech revealed for $ 120,000

An electric motorbike that comes with a helmet like Iron Man and a biker jacket that digitally connects the driver with the road has been heralded as one of the most sophisticated bikes ever made.

Built by a team of British engineers who have been likened to The Avengers, a futuristic design was launched at Milan's EICMA Motorcycle show today (Tuesday 6) and featured a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that had been brought to another level.

Vector Arc uses exotic materials, complete components and up-to-date architecture with helmet Heads-Up Display (HUD) and smart biker jackets.

Priced at $ 120,000, this is intended for millionaires who are sweeping, upbeat and environmentally conscious.

This is the first model produced by Arc, a top technical specialist team based in Coventry, the UK's high-tech automotive center, which is equated with the Marvel superhero team by the company's founder.

The Zenith helmet has been designed in collaboration with British company Hedon, with speedo, sat-nav and additional graphics projected onto the driver's visor so that they can still stare at the road, Iron Man-style.

The rear-view camera is wrapped in a trimmed calf helmet, giving users the ability to see what's behind them.

A bespoke jacket, called Origin, has an HMI that is applied to armored rider clothing and a haptic audio-type amplifier, which functions like a smart phone's vibration notification.

It may vibrate to warn of potential danger, provide dynamic performance-based feedback, or move the senses when driving stimulates.

Arc Founder Mark Truman, who is a former Jaguar Land Rover, said: "We feel that there are more people who can get out of motorbikes that no one is tapping into.

"It's about using technology to reduce the experience of riding a bicycle.

& # 39; & # 39; HUD and haptics helmets and jackets work together with Vector bikes to eliminate interference and emphasize the joy of riding. "

Origin Jackets, which are adapted in collaboration with English style teacher Knox, can play music and tell motorists how close the motorbike's ability limits are, they are based on factors such as how hard they brake.

And thanks to its lightweight form, Vector is said to have the best power-to-weight ratio of any electric motorbike in its class with a considerable difference.

Truman, 42, a pure cyclist and technology enthusiast, has assembled a technical dream team and is driving an ambitious business plan.

Arc staff have worked in senior positions at Aston Martin, KTM, Ducati, Triumph, Jaguar Land Rover, MotoGP and Formula One. Pioneers in their field, they designed vehicles for James Bond films, emergency rescue units, and special chimney car companies.

"With Vector, we have prepared to build the best performing electric motorcycle," explained Truman.

"With electric vehicles in general, powertrain weighs a lot.

"This is really unavoidable if you want capacity, distance and performance.

"So, it's about peeling everything back and using a lot of exotic and light ingredients, like carbon fiber.

"The chassis and battery module must be one, and because of this approach we have been able to reduce as much weight as possible to achieve the performance we want.

"The short design is; if the term 'cafe rider' will be created in ten years, what will it be like? "

Arc describes the Vector as a catalyst; transformative vehicle that will challenge the rider's perspective and thinking, and that shape the world around him.

The company's founder added: "We have taken a broad view of what future mobility is and, using some great ideas and extraordinary agility, we have brought it to the present.

"We are building Vector for people who are on the way, and we want people to continue to take that journey in the future when the use of internal combustion engines in the world is limited."

by Jack Peat

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