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Electrical dreams? What you need to know about the Tesla 3 model. | Money

LThe new model 3 is smaller and simpler than the other vehicles in the solid Californian carmaker. According to Tesla, the new sedan is "more affordable" than the range – albeit with a starting price of just under £ 39,000, many would claim this claim.

The order book for Model 3 was officially opened in early May – although reserves had already begun – with three versions of the car being on sale, the most expensive 56,000 pounds. But change the color from the standard black color and you will have to pull out more.

Compared to the S-model, Tesla's leading car, the 3 model has a slower acceleration of 0 to 60 km / h, a shorter range and fewer than 100 customizable configurations, compared to more than 1500 in the larger car.

Interest in electricity is growing rapidly: Near Brothers Motor Finance studies suggest that 15% more drivers want to buy an electric car with their next purchase compared to two years ago. And while Tesla is clearly confident about the future of the new car, expecting to ship between 360,000 and 400,000 cars worldwide this year, is there really a variation available to the British?

How does the new car compare?

The starting price of £ 38,900 includes VAT and a "destination and a fee for documentation", a price for transporting the vehicle and completing the documentation. The price is also the result of a "UK add-on" that the government provides to dealers and manufacturers and reduces the cost of a new electric car.

Model 3 will compete with the BMW 3 Series, which starts at just under £ 32,500 for gasoline and diesel options.

Looking at other electric vehicles, cheaper than Model 3, is Hyundai Kona Electric starting at £ 27,250 and Kia e-Niro £ 32,995. The more expensive end is the Jaguar I-Pace at 60,995 pounds and the Audi e-tron at £ 68,020. All prices are based on the application of the grant.

Who is it targeted for?

By competing in the average car market where the BMW 3 Series is popular, model 3 will be aimed primarily at the executive market, says Melanie Schufbotam, a founder of Zap-Map, which describes where electric car chargers can be found. country.

"This is mostly for people who are technically understood, who may be a bit ambitious. They want to be on the brink of the technology curve and want decent limits and a high-quality car, "she says.

How about current expenses?

After the initial costs, the operating costs of electric cars differ significantly from gasoline. First, there are taxes – electric cars are exempt from car tax or vehicle excise, which saves the new Tesla drivers between £ 145 and £ 210 a year compared to similar cars. Tesla is also exempt from a congestion charge in London of £ 11.50 per day.

The charge for the car depends on where you are doing: at home or at a charging station. At home, the tariff on which you are located will dictate the price, and some employers have workload points that offer free access throughout the day. Many public billing points are free to use; others require payment and this varies widely. Fast chargers usually include payment.

Shufflebotham places the cost of propelling an electric car at 3p per kilometer compared to 12p to 14p miles for a gasoline or diesel car.

Where there may be sting, there is insurance. Some quotes can be high as there are not many such vehicles on the road. In the past there have been high premiums because insurers do not like vehicles that are expensive to replace or repair. On the other hand, electric car drivers are often seen as older drivers with good driving habits.

Last month LV = launched an insurance policy exclusively for electric cars, claiming it was the first of its kind. The policy covers the rehabilitation of cars that have depleted the cables and travel boxes in the middle of the journey and for home charging.

Tesla charge point

The charge for Model 3 will depend on where you are doing, at home or on a Tesla charging site. Photo: Arnd Vigman / Reuters

Will you take me?

Frequently quoted "range anxiety", where the driver is afraid that he will be exhausted before reaching his destination, is a concern for electric cars. Expected range for Model 3 is from 258 to 348 miles, depending on the model, says Tesla.

The number of charging stations in the country expands rapidly, according to Shufflebotham. "It's chicken and egg [situation], "she says." You must have drivers to invest in the charging points, but you need charging points to make people feel comfortable driving an electric car. "The charging network is growing at a rapid pace.

Zap-Map places the number of places with a public charge point of 8.318. Tesla has a network of nearly 290 compressors in 51 locations across the UK. Drivers can receive 80% recharge after 30 minutes. The most southern is at Liftton in Devon, while Avmore in Scotland is the northernmost. The company also has a wider network of chargers that charge vehicles for several hours.

How do I buy?

You may have to wait months. Those who made reservations by paying a £ 1000 deposit will receive a priority delivery starting at the end of next month, according to the Tesla website in the United Kingdom. The company did not respond to Guardian Money's inquiries about order numbers and how many cars it expects to sell in the UK this year.

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