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Emiliano Sala's plane crash: "Commercial airplanes are not allowed" | UK News

The investigation into Emiliano Sala's flight will focus on the validity of the pilot's license.

Aviation Accident Investigation Unit Preliminary Report (AAIB) for the crash says David Ibboton can fly only to passengers in the European Union if they contribute to the cost of the flight instead of financial gain.

Pilots under his license "must have a good faith purpose to fly," according to AAIB.

It is also said that "the basis on which the passenger is carried is not yet established" and that in the past Mr Ibbotson has taken passengers in agreement with a non-commercial "sharing of costs".

It is also said that the airplane was not licensed to fly commercially.

Emiliano Salah disappeared when his plane disappeared
Emiliano Salla died when his plane crashed into the Canal

It states that "it was not allowed to be used for commercial operations without the owner or operator first being authorized".

Nobody "has filed a request with the FAA or the CAA to operate the aircraft for commercial reasons.

– The CAA has notified the AAIB that they have not registered an application for a permit to operate the aircraft.

The report also includes unprecedented pictures of the underwater wreckage of the plane describing how Piper Malibu's plane was "destroyed" and found broken into three parts of the seabed.

A view looking at the remains of an inner wing
The remains of the inner wing

The parts were held together by electric and flying control cables. The engine was disconnected from the cockpit area and missing parts of both wings, tail and blade.

Investigators also describe how the airplane did not stick to the correct flight path.

About 15 seconds before the fatal accident, the plane collapsed at a speed of 7,000 feet (2133m) per minute – equivalent to about 90km / h (144km).

The AIB said it had failed to establish how much Mr Ibbotson (59) had done recently, as his pilot's license and logbook had been lost.

28-year-old Salla died when the plane crashed near Alderney on January 21th as she traveled from Nantes to Cardiff after joining Cardiff's club for 15 million days earlier.

After the death after death, the Argentine died of head and chest injuries, and the assassin's funeral happened in his native country earlier this month.

Airplane route near Gernessy
The flight path of the airplane has shown that it does not adhere to the intended route

The report says that the remains were found about 30 meters (98 feet) from the last secondary radar for a single light aircraft, recorded by the radar in Gernsey at 20:16.

It was about four minutes after it was last on the radio at 20:12.

The report reveals that during the last 15 minutes, Mr Ibbotson has gone down four times, saying that air traffic control wants to keep his visibility.

In their last announcement, air traffic controllers asked whether they should retreat. "Negatively, I just avoided a patch there, but we came back five thousand feet," he replied.

It is expected that private demand for Mr. Ibbotson's body will soon begin, which is still missing.

Isolated showers were predicted for Guernsey at the time the plane crashed, and the rain was expected to come from the northwest at night.

Gerant Herbert of AAIB said he was confident that the report would lead to a plausible explanation of what had happened.

Look at the cabin and rest in the fuselage
Cabin and fuselage

He said the pilot's record shows that time has played a role in the crash.

Mr. Herbert told Sky News: "What we have is a record of the pilot who says he would like to maneuver to avoid time, so we think to such a degree that time played a role – it was not the crucial role but played a role. "

He added that investigators would look at the final stage flight "because there was a high downhill speed followed by a climb."

"There were unusual downhill rates followed by climbing under these circumstances – so there's probably something we can use to build a picture of what's happening."

The aircraft was built in 1984 and has a valid registration certificate expiring in 2021.

His last significant maintenance was an annual 100-hour check on November 30, 2018, and was resumed in operation.

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