Monday , September 26 2022

Epic Games provides details of the Season 9 audio enhancements


Fortnite has never had virginal audio and Epic Games works hard to solve this problem. I just released a new blog detailing the improvements in the audio that work for Season 9.

Fortnite's sound side has never really been fixed since the start of the game. Vertical sound and spatial sounds can be extremely appealing, especially in the battles won at the end of the game.

Epic Games wants to solve these problems by implementing large-scale changes in the way the audio is handled and received by the customer. They published a short blog about the current issues that are being discussed on Thursday night.

Upcoming 9 audio enhancements

Epic wants to ensure that the game infrastructure updates along with its content. Lately they are lagging behind in some key areas of engine-based problems, but they seem to be turning things around.

In a post on the FortniteBR Substanddit blog, Epic lists some of the issues that have been fixed for v8.50 and what new issues they've found so far:

8.5 Release 8.5 Audio Corrections and Updates:

  • The problem of playing Random Sounds ("breakers for weapons, recharges, use of items") is fixed.

Open Version 8.5 Version Audio Issues:

  • Switching issues were more complicated than expected, but we dug up and we have a speculative solution from v9.00

In addition, they provided a comprehensive list of new sound enhancements that will come in future updates. Season 9 is mentioned a few times and seems to be Epic's current goal for all these audio updates.

This is great news for all Fortnite players, but especially for competitive players. The Fortnite World Cup begins to develop for the rest of Season 8 and throughout Season 9. These sound changes will make the game much more consistent and fair, which will bring the best players who have won the World Cup.

From Epic Games:

We What we are working for the upcoming season:

  • Better tactical audio when in player-built structures:
    • Influence of an enemy photo within a radius of a slab on the building.
    • Wallbreak from enemy close / behind player much clearer / stronger.
    • Listen to the approach of enemy players outside the players' structures.
  • Better Audio Reports Jumping / Landing:
    • Added jump sound (so the jump is not so silent).
    • Clear sound recognition on landing.
  • Improve questions related to sounds that go beyond the playing field.
  • Improving relatives against distant sliding players to clarify the distance of sliding enemies.
  • Bullet refinement and sound explosion – shorter, higher dynamic range sounds.
  • Longer sounds are played correctly during repetitions.
  • Fix for problems with changing audio device with PC.
  • Enhanced differentiation of the team mate against the enemy's audio.

Last but not least, we explore ways to improve vertical and spatial sound in Fortnite. We are actively working on a binary / HRTF solution that will be of great benefit to the headset, as well as other space enhancements.

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