Tuesday , August 3 2021

First gratitude of Mehan as a member of the royal family

Sussex's daughter celebrates her first gratitude as a member of the royal family.

The American former actress Megan, who on Wednesday made a return visit to the Houb community kitchen, which inspired her work on Glenfell's cooking book, is expected to mark the most loved holiday in the US with the Duke of Sussex.

Royal New Zealand Tour - Day FourMegan and Harry during their recent tour in New Zealand (Phil Noble / PA)

Megan and Harry have no formal commitments confirmed on November 22, leaving them free to enjoy the case together for the first time as a married couple.

They expect their first child in the spring.

Royal WeddingThe couple married in May at St. George's Chapel at Windsor (Danny Lawson / PA)

With the duchess and duchess of Cambridge and Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, who live next door to Nottingham Palace in Kensington Palace, Cambridge can be invited to a round table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Or Harry and Megan could go to the sanctuary of his retreat to Cotswolds.

It is not known whether the Duchess invites her mother, Doria Ragland, to spend her day with her.

Sussex's duchess supports a cookbookDoria, Megan, and Harry (Ben Still / PA)

In 2016, Megan, who was still playing in the legendary costumes at the time, posted a photo of himself with Instagram with a large cooked turkey, adding: "Oh, this time I was having a pretty good turkey on Thanksgiving! can I do it again? The pressure is pressed! "

Harry was on a Carabine cruise on board the Royal Navy, so the couple spent this Thanksgiving – and Harry does not have an internet or cell phone signal, but only the ship's radio available for important communications.

The duchess has already described how her parents, "coming from a little," taught her to look after others and lead an example during her childhood and bought turkeys for homeless shelters on Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, the duchess placed an apron and a pair of gloves and began to mix vegetables with her hands when she visited a kitchen in the Hub in the west of London.

Chef Claire Smith, Duchess's girlfriend, who was presented to the volunteers, said Megan was passionate about the kitchen.

"She's really in the food, she's a real food," she added.

Harry offered Megan to drink a chicken dinner in 2017 and later revealed how "all stars are aligned" when he first falls for her after meeting a blind date.

Traditional Thanksgiving dinners include roasted turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin dessert pie.

US presidents should forgive Turkey before the holiday.

Thanksgiving can be traced back to 1621 when Europeans, known as pilgrims, invited local Americans to celebrate a holiday after experiencing a successful growth season.

Kensington Palace has not commented yet.

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