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FTSE 100 expands its profits, Barclays president reveals bill to move Brexit to £ 200m

  • The FTSE 100 indexes 62 points

  • Wall Street opens in positive territory

  • Whitbread presents an additional £ 2bn for redemption

4pm: discloses a Brexit preparation bill to £ 200m

British investment bank chairman PLC (), Jerry Grimstone, has revealed that the bank has spent between £ 100m and £ 200m to move its operations and UK staff to prepare for Brexit, according to a report by Reuters.

The bank has already moved its European headquarters and about 200 billion euros in assets in Dublin in the past year, while moving around 50 investment banking jobs at Frankfurt's Finance Center.

The comments were followed by the acknowledgment of Vice President Anne Finucane that her own bank had spent $ 400 million on Brexit's preparatory work.

Late afternoon, Barclays rose 0.3 percent to 158.5p, while FTSE 100 rose 62 points to 7,195.

2.45: Wall Street starts from the front against the backdrop of commercial hopes

Major US indices started in positive territory on Wednesday morning, with optimism continuing around the prospect of a trade breakthrough between the US and China.

Shortly after the discovery, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 161 points to 25,586, while the S & P 500 rose 14 points to 2,759 and the Nasdaq climbed 43 points to 7,458.

In London, the FTSE 100 reached 57 points at 7,190.

14: 00h: Whitbread announces 2 billion pounds for additional share buyback

The owner of the FTSE 100 Premier Inn has revealed another 2 billion pounds of redemption shares in a day-to-day communiqué on their capital markets.

After cessation of £ 3.9bn From the sale of the Costa Coffee to Coca-Cola Co () last year, Whitbread said it was aiming to return a total of £ 2.5bn to the shareholders.

The redemption of £ 500 million began in January and will continue until April, and the company said it would launch a buyback program for the remaining $ 2 billion later.

The announcement helped increase stocks by 2.5 percent to 4,883 percent in mid-afternoon trading, while the FTSE 100 rose 57 points to 7,190.

1.50pm: US inflation flat in January as a sharp fall in fuel prices offset increases in other commodities

The US consumer price index reached its January level, with a sharp fall in fuel prices offsetting the increase in other areas.

While prices were higher in terms of clothing, rents, medical care, and household furnishings, they were offset by a drop in fuel, new cars and airline tickets.

Life costs also slowed their growth in the past 12 months, dropping to 1.6% from 1.9% last month.

Naeem Aslam, Chief Market Analyst at Think Markets UK, said the data had caused "no real drama," and the figures would keep the Federal Reserve "out of the picture for the foreseeable future," as falling inflation has already pushed the central bank to stop raising interest rates percentages.

In London, the FTSE has increased its profits and rose 38 points to 7,172.

12.30 pm American markets are expected to win when the rally continues

Wall Street is expected to launch the front line on Wednesday morning, as the wave of optimism about a possible breakthrough in trade talks between the US and China continues to wash traders.

Trump's comments, which potentially expose the March 2 deadline for raising Chinese commodity tariffs, raised US main indices to its highest levels this Tuesday on Tuesday and emerged on the eve of a planned meeting between the US delegation and the Chinese President Si Jingping on Friday.

It is also likely to continue the renegotiation, signed late Monday, to avoid a new US government closure.

There will also be an expectation of US consumer prices, which will be released at 8.30 am Eastern Time.

"Optimism continues to grow that the way forward can be found with regard to these US-Chinese trade negotiations but critically there is still no commitment to be flexible on the deadline for tariff increases on March 2. It will probably be some very clear alerts whether optimism should be maintained over the next few weeks, "said James Hughes, chief analyst at Axitrader.

The FTSE 100 grew by 14 points at 7,147.

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11.45: FTSE 100 in positive territory at noon, home prices in the UK climbed in December

As the morning moved closer, the FTSE 100 added to its initial earnings and climbed 42 points to 7,175.

Housebuilders were some of the key blue chip leaders, with PLC (), PLC () and PLC () all in late morning trading on the back of Brexit's renewed hope of slowing down.

PLC () and PLC () were among the highest, as the increase in profit and dividend of the latter gave a positive boost to the stock.

Meanwhile, ONS data showed housing prices in the United Kingdom rose 0.2% in December after falling in the previous three months, with the market still under pressure from falling prices in London and Brexit.

Howard Archer, chief economic adviser at EY ITEM Club, said the group expects prices to rise by about 2% in 2019 if Britain can leave the EU with a deal in late March, as reduced uncertainty can help the "pick up" market.

However, he added that if Brexit did not happen, housing prices could fall by 5% a year with "increased uncertainty and weakened economic activity."

"The fundamentals of home buyers are now challenging. Consumers have faced a prolonged contraction in purchasing power, which is gradually relieved. In addition, the activity of the housing market continues to be hampered by the fragile consumer confidence and the limited willingness to make big deals. "

10.50am: Industrial production in the euro area declines for the second consecutive month

Industrial production in the euro area declined by 0.9% between November and December, the second consecutive month after a decline of 1.7% in the previous month.

The Eurostat statistical agency added that industrial output declined by 0.5% in the EU-28 for the same period, compared with a 1.2% decline in the previous month.

For all 2018, average industrial output rose by 1.1% in the euro area and 1.3% in the EU.

Ireland, Malta and the Netherlands declined by 13.4%, 5.2% and 3.2% respectively, with Denmark, Luxembourg and Latvia increasing by 11.6%, 3.5% and 3.3% respectively. ,

Over the past year, the region has been marked by slow global demand and political uncertainty in the form of Brexit and a budget crisis between the EU bureaucracy and the Italian populist government.

FTSE 100 rose 28 points to 7,161.

10.15am: Inflation in the UK falls below 2% of the BER target

Inflation in the UK declined to 1.8% in January, down from 2.1% in December and below the 2% target.

The National Statistics Office (NAS) said the biggest contribution to the downward trend in consumer price index () was electricity, gas and other fuels, with prices falling between December and January compared to a year ago.

The fall in prices coincided with the introduction of a ceiling on energy prices by the regulator Ofgem.

The drop was partly offset by airline ticket prices, which fell at a slower pace than a year ago.

Emma-Lou Montgomery, associate director for personal investment at Fidelity International, said that while inflation had reached the "sweet spot", the data means that all expectations of interest rate rises later this year "are likely to be put in bed ".

"To put the BS issue, the latest GDP figures showing productivity fell 0.4 percent in December, and Brexit's continuing uncertainty will put additional pressure on MPCs to leave the current monetary policy unchanged."

Analysts at ING investment bank added that although inflation figures will affect interest rates, what really matters is the result of Brexit, as uncertainty will at least "hold back rent and investment while keeping growth. Meanwhile, they will remain firmly out of the way. "

Shortly after publishing data, the sterling dropped 0.05% to $ 1,288 against the dollar and flat against the euro at € 1,138.

The FTSE 100 climbed 30 points to 7,163.

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9:55 am: The IEA claims oil production from OPEC will grow more than expected

The International Energy Agency (IEA) said growth in oil production outside OPEC would increase more than expected in 2019.

The IEA reported that non-OPEC-led supply growth will be 1.8 million Barrel per day (bpd) in 2019 from 1.6 million Barrels per day, while demand growth remains unchanged at 1 , 4 million Barrels per day.

The agency said that despite declines in production by major manufacturers such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela, markets were still producing a surplus in the second half of 2018, which kept oil prices at about $ 63 a barrel.

Production levels outside OPEC also mean that demand from the cartel will be about 30.7 million barrels per day in 2019, which is less than production levels in January of 30.8 million barrels per day.

In the middle of the morning, crude oil rose 1.3 percent to 63.2 dollars a barrel.

The FTSE 100 climbed 30 points to 7,163.

8.35am: Footsie bounces back

After the comparatively weak late session on Tuesday, the FTSE 100 opened 33 points to 7,166.14, optimistically that the US and China would be able to resolve their trade problems.

"With ongoing talks in Beijing that pave the way for a top-level theft on Thursday between state treasury secretary Steve Munchin and commercial agent Robert Lightzzer on one side and Deputy Prime Minister Liu He on the other hand, pressure may be disappeared so little after some interesting comments from Donald Trump overnight, "said Connor Campbell, an analyst at Donald Trump.

"It is yet to sign the Democracy and Republican Arrangement to Avoid Exclusion – the announcement of which was the other major market booster on Tuesday – the president said that if the US and China are close to a" real deal, "then it can allowed plans for an immediate rise in tariffs on March 1 to "glide for a while".

There was no rest for TUI (), which ended yesterday in the dogs' house, after judging by the results that had the marks of last summer's summer barbecue and weak pounds. There was a follow-up, albeit a sale, as shares lost another 2.8% at the beginning of the year.

The FTSE 250 was another tough day for the Plus500 betting spread after the earnings warning. Shares declined by another 2.9%.

Rolls-Royce () shares rose 1.8 percent after the influential capital stock of the jet engine maker's upgraded shares outperformed.

Clinigen (LON: CLIN), one of AIM's largest companies, rose 12 percent after agreeing to a $ 210 million deal to buy US cancer drug rights.

Proactive news headlines:

() has told investors it plans to start production in April from the TLP-103C well under Tilapia in the Republic of Congo. The company, in a statement, explained that it aims to start production from the upper tanks of the TLP-103C by the arrival of the R2 and Mengo intervals by double-filling the well.

(LON: CLIN) has signed a deal worth up to 210 million dollars to acquire US rights for a cancer drug from the Swiss giant. The growing specialist pharmaceutical group is already selling Proleukin outside of America.

Recruiter () posted its highest revenue for a decade, as net tax revenues reached a record. Turnover in 2018 increased by 40% to £ 9.2 million, while losses were more than half of £ 900,000.

Edge Ltd () announced that Ginat Wave India Private, its offshore manufacturing company in India, has secured its first large orders, with two contracts totaling $ 900,000. by two different clients. The AIM-designated technology group said the contracts were for the supply of antenna and cable harnesses.

() began drilling the Black Cat project at the Bailieston gold project in Victoria, Australia.

() has seen significant commercial traction for its innovative new products to fight obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The latest trade statement revealed that the company has signed 18 deals for the 12 months ended in November last year, eight more than last year. And in 2019 it began with a wave of new neckties around the world.

Baconora Lithium PLC Chief Executive Officer Peter Seker highlighted the rapid progress as he continues to advance on the Sonora mine project in Mexico. The company, in its interim statement today, stressed that in the second half it expects to finalize its financial package for the Sonora project, while presenting its second lithium project, Zinnwald, where a feasibility study is expected.

() said it expects earnings per share (EPS) for the second half of 2018 to be higher than the previous year.

PLC () said it has increased its gross profit of 131 million pounds from the launch of shares announced on February 1, 2019, coupled with its shareholding plans in wind turbines Stronelairg and Dunmaglass from the FTSE 100 ().

6.45am: The FTSE 100 is ready for a positive start

The FTSE 100 is set to open higher this morning as a wave of optimism for better prospects for a trade deal with China and a deal to avoid the US government's second closure carried over from yesterday's Wall Street session.

The IG betting company expects the FTSE 100 to open about 31 points higher after closing just 4 points yesterday at 7,133.

Jasper Lowler, head of research at the London Capital Group, said US President Trump's comments on Tuesday that the March 2 deadline for raising Chinese tariffs could be postponed if the two countries were close to the agreement is "music to the ears of a market".

"While there were positive reports on trade talks, investors began to worry about the approaching deadline and no solid evidence of progress. Negative moods are canceled and investors show they are ready to return the risk to the table. In order for the positive sentiment to remain, we will have to see evidence of the deal in March. So far, however, the markets are willing to leave that.

To conclude a deal, Lowler added that an agreement on border security funding, though not as much as Trump would like and missing money for the scandalous wall, "downplayed the probability of a second closure," and that as a result, investors are "relocating his money from safe havens and back into more risky assets ".

On the US market yesterday, the main indexes closed at its highest level so far this year against the backdrop of a deal and the resumption of trade optimism.

The Dow Jones closed at 373 points at 25,426, while the S & P 500 closed with 35 points at 2,745 and the Nasdaq climbed 107 points to 7,415.

Positivity around the potential for a US-Chinese trading deal also began trading in the Asian markets today, after Japan's Nikkei 225 rose 283 points to 21,147, while Hang Seng in Hong Kong rose 316 points to 28,487.

In the forex markets sterling rose 0.2 percent to $ 1,291 against the dollar and rose 0.1 percent to € 1,139 against the euro while traders were expecting the latest inflation data from the UK economy.

"While inflation remains at or around 2% is good news for pounds, the reality is that Brexit now manages sterling. Inflation data is likely to play a second violin for Brexit titles, "Lowler said.

Inflation is focused on Wednesday, while corporate results are reflected in the background

Major UK inflation indices will be the major contribution Wednesday, especially as British GDP data for the last quarter of 2018 dropped to its lowest level in 2012 by 0.2% on Monday, Brexit's effect began to bite, and for GDP in December agreed 0.4%.

The first consumer price index for 2019 is expected to continue the downward trend in December 2018 and potentially reach the 2% target for the previous year of the Monetary Policy Committee reached in early 2017.

В корпоративния дневник ще има диви разговори, тъй като Tullow Oil ще публикува резултатите си за цяла година, докато в Dunelm ще се надяваме, че ще има коледен надвес, тъй като освобождава своите междинни позиции след силна Коледа.

Значителни съобщения в сряда 13 февруари:

финали: Tullow Oil (), PLC ()

заместниците: PLC (), (), Holdings PLC ()

Икономически данни: Инфлацията във Великобритания, RPI, PPI, HPI; Инфлация в САЩ

Около пазарите:

  • Sterling: 1,291 лв., С 0,2%
  • Суров петрол Brent: 63 долара за барел, което е с 1% повече
  • Злато: US $ 1,314 за тройунция, с 0.6%
  • Bitcoin: US $ 3,615, с 1% повече

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