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Gemma Collins bursts in tears when "routine for crash" leads to "false" claims

Gemma Collins broke in tears tonight, after failing to impress judges with her routine ice dancing.

GC returned his skates tonight a week after clashing with his face on hard ice in a terrible autumn.

When she stepped on the slide, a record of Gemma said, "I'm sorry that Gemma is not here, but the Queen GK is."

However, Jemma did not look confident on the ice and received the lowest score of the evening with a certain distance.

"Please do not weep," said lead Holly Willoughby when Jema cried.

Gemma Collins wept with ice dancing

She was comforted by Holly Willoughby

The professional partner, Matt, shouted, "Thank the lord for not falling.

Eliminating the tears, Gemma said, "I'm really upset because last week I really got better, and my nerves have faded since my fall."

Ice Legend Jane Thorville admitted she lost her confidence and was not late enough alone.

Gemma admitted her trust was badly tapped

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Jema replied: "My feet are like jelly, they just disappeared."

In a shocking move, Jason Gardiner actually gave Gemma the highest score of the evening.

Jason claims to be able to see that "he's trying to put a show in."

Gemma actually said he agreed with Jason's criticism and asked if they could be "friends."

Jema conquered the audience

GC was in the building

Ice dancers have taken Twitter to throw Gem to cry.

A spectator said, "Crocodile tears by Gemma Collins. See if she can fool the fools to vote again!"

Another added, "I have never seen anyone play something so much. The Queen of Drama is not the word."

One third said, "Stop the false crying, honestly, she is an expert in the creation of the drama."

Gemma had a terrible drop in last Sunday's show

Jemma survived a difficult week after this autumn, and was even cut off by rebel James Arg in a wheelchair.

She was determined not to allow the incident to sabotage her chances of winning the crown of the dancing ice and fighting boldly with the trauma.

"Nothing stops me," she wrote on Twitter while sharing a video about her wounded knee to get an emergency TLC.

Gemma shared videos about her recovery at Instagram

Gemma prepares for the thematic routine of the "evil queen"

Just a few hours before his performance, Gemma was still being treated and had ice wrapped around his swollen knee.

Gemma is not the only known person who was in the wars this week, as Melody Thornton and Jane Danson were also in the medical room.

Pussycat Doll was brutally fallen on ice as the coronary street star fainted on rehearsals and was attached to the spine.

Unfortunately, it was not Celin Dion

Chris Pratt is a big fan of GC

This week, Jamma has received lucky messages from many famous faces after her fall.

She has not received any of her idol warrior Celine Dion, but Pierce Morgan has sent a message of support.

Good morning Great Britain said: "Keep sticking to the judges, keep standing up when you hit the ice, keep on being a great inspiration for all of us who can not do what you are doing.

When Hollywood actor Chris Pratt, who admits to staring at the star, if he ever meets the GC, has heard that she has fallen, she said, "Oh, Gemma, I'm sorry, dear."

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