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How to Grow Longer Eyelashes Fast – Whey Cheese Serums Really Work

Do the lashes look a little sad or thin? Watching envious of every baby you see (WTF, dear! What do you do with all these long lashes?!) Welcome to the club, actually everyone. If you've already tried all the extended masks, eyelashes extenders and fringe lifts, you may be ready to get to the root of the problem and find out how to actually develop your lashes rather than simply forgive them.

But before sending a message to your old Facebook friend to buy any serum you sell, you need to keep in mind a few very important factors, first you are in the end – to talk about your precious eyes. Below, Ilyse Haberman, an ophthalmology assistant at NYU-Lagone, shares all her expertise on the rapid growth of her lashes and quickly and safe – so you finally stop biting babies.

How long does it take to grow your lashes?

Before going into the tiny spots of how to get extra long lashes, let's review the basics you probably never learned. The growth cycle of the lashes consists of three phases: catagen (latent stage), telogen (separation step), and anagen (growth phase). So, realistically, your lashes spend most of their time chillin & dropping, not actually growing, so the results are not instantaneous.

In fact, says Dr. Haberman This may take three months to naturally growBut, because I know you are impatient and want the lashes to grow overnight, you will be glad to know that there it is a way to extend the growth phase.

How can I stimulate the growth of my lashes?

If you've ever seen a TV or opened a magazine, you've probably heard of a product called Latisse-the only FDA-approved eyelash growth serum on the market. Initially it was created as eye drops for glaucoma (high eye pressure) when doctors noticed its other advantage: the ability to grow longer, thicker eyelashes.

After several iterations and refinements of the ingredients, Latisse was born using the active ingredient bimatoprost to help raise existing lashes and stimulate the growth of new hairs after four to six weeks. Very cool, is not it? The only small hurdle is that it's just a recipe, so you have to go to a derma or a doctor to get it.

Which leads us to the next thought: What about the occasional eyelash sera I see in articles and in Instagram? And, um, here …

Do the OTC eyelashes serum really work?

Let's not complicate a more complex subject, but that is a matter of concern. If your friends used serum for OTC washing and * curse *, they have acquired more, thicker lashes, it is very possible to use a product that contains a substance comparable to bimatoprost.

"There are some serum products that do not contain a prescription and contain similar growth componentssuch as isopropyl clofrostate, but they are not regulated or approved by the FDA, "says Dr. Haberman. So just because you can buy them from your mother's best friend does not mean that these shaving sera are completely harmless to the experience. with any medicine, has side effects that need to be taken into consideration before drawing your whole eye on things.

Are eyelash sera safe?

Yes, no, and probably. There is a good reason (in fact, reasons plural) why you need a prescription to get your hands on Latisse: This is a real medicine (for glaucoma!), which means that the actual doctor needs to make sure he will not interfere with other medicines you take or have a negative side effect of your eyes.

And do you know all these rumors that some eye color changes from the use of eyelash serum? Yes, this is an opportunity if you use a formula with growth components. According to Dr. Haberman, if the serum falls into the eye, those with lighter eyes may notice a change in iris color after re-exposure. In other words, the baby's blues can become brown if you do not apply the product carefully, thin only to the shaving line.

Other Risks: Growth Serum may also cause skin discoloration and / or irritation and puffiness of the lid if they penetrate into the eyeOf course, like all the side effects, this is an opportunity and not a guarantee – some people can use shaving serum without any problems but it is still a good reminder that you should always read the list of ingredients and first talk with Your doctor.

Do embalming tools or DIY sera work?

A safer alternative to non-prescription serum for eyelash growth is the eyelashes balmThese moisturizing formulations usually contain softening ingredients that work to look and feel healthy. "Eyelashes can help strengthen the eyelashes, protect them from breaking or slightly swelling to make them look a little thicker," says Dr. Haberman, but in fact, they do not make them grow longer."Womp.

So all these home remedies, including coconut, castor oil and olive oil? As far as the eyelashes are concerned, do not expect any miracles. You will most see an extra glow and power.


What should I avoid from lashes?

When you grow your lashes, you want to avoid anything that can stun or damage the hairs. So, you know, all the usual things that can damage the eyelashes, including licking eyelashes, eyelashes, and do not wash your face.

Whaaa? Yeah. False eyelashes may be tempted to play while you are waiting for growth, but because they are so heavy, they can actually cause lashes to break or even fall, especially when removing them, Meanwhile excessive eyelash bite aggression can also damage lashes, causing breakage and mechanical trauma. As for not removing makeup, some people may develop inflammation around their lashes called yikes, which, if not treated, may cause a whiplash.

So, is it possible to grow lashes?

If you avoid fake eyelashes, go lightly with the barber, remove makeup for your eyes every night, strengthen your current eyelashes with conditioning serum, and ask your doctor for a prescription for growth serum, Yes, it is actually possible to grow longer lashes. But you have to be consistent and patient: these treatments take months to work, and once you stop, it's growing, so it depends on you if all the work is really worth it.

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