Thursday , June 17 2021

Jason Williamson blames IDLES in "assigning classes"

"I do not like them at all"

Sylford Mads frontman Jason Williamson discusses his dislike of IDLES, accusing them of "hijacking the voice of a working class."

The Nottingham duo has often shared hits with IDLES on Twitter, and now at Williamson has revealed why in The Guardian's Q & A fan.

Asked about "beef," Williamson said he was a fan of the debut album of the band – before challenging the Well Done texts and many of the reasons IDLES defended when learning about their origins.

"I really liked Brutalism when it came out. It was not my kind of music, but I liked part of it – it was funny, "Williamson said. "And they were good guys, polite online, and more. But I thought they were some kind of street band, there were lines like "Tarquin" that would suggest that they beat the middle class, but they did not work.

– It offended me, because then I believed that they were to some extent a voice of a working class.

Williamson continued: "Obviously this was when the second album came out, and I felt a little tricked. I was also surprised by the idea that we are a group fighting for social justice when we are not, just talking about what's around us.

"Music can not solve political problems. And I think their assumption is cliché, patronizing, insulting, and mediocre. That's why I have a problem with them. I take the music seriously and come from the place where this music was created. Without that we would not be here.

He added, "I've had a lot of pain – I know the Idles singer has had a lot of pain. But I do not believe that they are inclined. I do not like them at all. "

In a recent interview with NMEIDLES frontman Joe Talbot said the band is a "message to the boring, and that punk music is generally rough in 2019.

"Of course, there are many younger children who are involved and that makes it attractive to the industry," Talbot said. "It's now more popular." You have some amazing bands and some incredible bands that come. I heard a rueful rumor that Girl Band would do something soon. I like a really good gang called Egyptian Blue. They played in Yala, one of Felix on Macaw's night. They were sick. This is great, and this is happening.

"The other side of the music is bloated, boring and terrible. You have a lot of DJs with strange masks and everything is falling apart. It's a little Ant & Dec these days, right? People are bored with these shit and want to hear people talk about what's happening around them. People with the head of Mickey Mouse playing other people's songs are not that exciting. "

Sleaford Mods released a new album "Eton Alive" on February 22. IDLES is on tour in March.

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