Thursday , June 17 2021

Meteorological warning performance in a strong wind that will turn into Wales during the weekend

A whistle warning has been issued for the whole of Wales.

The meeting office calls on people to take care of, as the country will be devastated by winds up to 65 km / h on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The Chief Predictor says: "Strong northern winds are expected to evolve on Saturday night in Northern Ireland and stretch across most of Wales and southwest England before calming down on Sunday.

"Wind gusts of 50 mph are possible on land and 60-65 miles per hour around the shores."

The area covered by the warning:

The alert is in effect from 21:00 on Saturday until noon on Sunday.

Today it feels much softer than most of the week, with the temperature expected to reach 10-12C.

Welsh meteorologist Derek Brockway says: "We saw the last ice and frost for a while.

"Turning humidity and wind over the weekend thanks to low pressure.

– Colder again until Sunday next week.

The forecast for Metro's weekend office:


Saturday will start cloudy with more rain. In the afternoon, there will be torrential rains and strong winds that will bring noise to shore and hills overnight. Maximum temperature of 11 ° C

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Sunday will be colder and brighter, but very windy with winter showers. Mondays and Tuesdays will be less windy, but still cold, with occasional snow.

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