Tuesday , November 24 2020

Neanderthals and humans did not have night of night

Our DNA revealed many more meetings.

Many people have little Neanderthal DNA. In recent years, this finding has led scientists to the conclusion that early humans associate with Neanderthals for a period of time. But new studies show that these groups compare to each other in numerous meetings – in other words, it is not one night.

As the early people migrate from Africa, they interact and unite with Neanderthals living in Europe and parts of Asia. People whose ancestors remained in Africa have no DNA from Neanderthal because these two groups have never had the opportunity to meet. Unlike everyone else in the world two percent of Neanderthal DNA when their ancestors laughed with these ancient hominids during their migration.

The reason why researchers think Neanderthals and early humans have had multiple meetings is that the percentage of Neanderthal DNA you have depends on where your ancestors come from. Compared to people of European origin, the proportion of Neanderthal DNA is 12 to 20% higher in East Asian people. This study, published in nature on November 26, 2018, suggests that the early humans and the Neanderthals have not gathered in just one historical episode.

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Once stereotyped as tall, stupid and inhumane, Neanderthals now have a very different place in our understanding of human history. When scientists first classify these Hominites as Homo neanderthalensis in 1864 categorized him as a separate species from Homo sapiens which appeared in Africa about 300,000 years ago.

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One of the hallmarks of individual species is that they can not successfully combine with each other. But because it is now very clear that the Neanderthals, the early humans and the other hominids called Denisavani I did produces viable descendants, some scientists suggest that Neanderthals are actually subpopulations of modern humans

We also teach that Neanderthals are smarter than we ever thought. In July 2018, nature that Neanderthals live in France 50,000 years ago he knew how to create a fire. Moreover, the recent discovery of the charred digging holes that Neanderthals created in Italy about 171,000 years ago show that they use fire as a resource for even longer.

With such news, it is not surprising that early people connect so often with Neanderthals – they look like catches.

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